Videogame War Heroes 2010

The definition stays the same; the cast of characters will change some people will be repeated from last year with good reason.

Number 10: Oerba Yun Fang(Final Fantasy XIII), Yeah I ragged on the whole cast of those characters but Fang did an amazing job with those jackasses to save the world and she was crystallized for a couple hundred years and she was still in great shape. I don’t think anything could help her move up from this spot.

Number 9: Jim Raynor (Starcraft II), A big man takes his enemies down even when he branded a criminal, the bigger man takes his enemies down even when he is out gunned and out manned and out resourced, the biggest man teams up with his enemies, uses their guns and resources to save humanity. That’s Jim Raynor in a nutshell and he’s my guy at number 9.

Number 8: Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed), Descendent of Altair and Florentine’s biggest man whore before he became an assassin. He looks like to make an even bigger name for himself in Brotherhood, until I see his skills and reputation expand its number 8.

Number 7: Judge Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII), Yes the guy with the very fake British accent, yet amazing sword skills and ever devious plans. Give Gabranth credit he was loyal to the empire and in return Larsa was loyal to him and his brother would continue his duty in his place. Truly a great man we can all look up to.

Number 6: Captain John Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2), this guy was in a Russian Gulag got busted out and what’s the first way he thinks about to help the U.S. from being steamrolled by the Russians, let an EMP go over Washington with a Russian nuke, “You out a small fire by starting a bigger one” completely reasonable rationale.

Number 5: Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII), everyone’s second favourite metro, Sephiroth is numero uno, as I said this guy took the most unpredictable set of misfits and saved time, they had zero qualifications and got the job done.

Number 4: Kratos (God of War series), this guy took on Zeus; who has the balls to do that? He led his own war against the gods AND the Titans, again this guy has balls. He took hope from Pandora’s Box and when his vengeance was complete he gave hope to the world after he crippled and destroyed it.

Number 3: Auron (Final Fantasy X), “Doomed to obscurity for refusing the hand of a high priest’s daughter” The local religion-free badass with grey hair, being 10 years past his prime, a very bad liver and death couldn’t stop this guy from getting the job done.

Number 2: Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid Series), I know everyone thinks the world came to an end two years in a row an Big Boss is not my number one war hero, wait until you see who is number 1. Needless to say Peacewalker let me appreciate the legend even more but there was nothing done to improve his standing from last year to this year, unlike what happened to number 1.

Number 1: Zeratul (Starcraft II), even in exile he would protect his people, even when denied being able to call himself a Protoss, he would protect his brethren in their time of need; he would come to their aide. At a very young six hundred and thirty-four years old he wields his blade better than Yoda. When his matriarch asked to be killed instead of enslaved he did so without a second thought, when asked he led his people while in the darkness… that was last year before Starcraft II and someone get me a box of tissues because I may start crying **spoiler alert** In an attempt to save the universe yet again, Zeratul dove into the Overmind and what he saw made him shit bricks, maybe, he saw the final stand of the Protoss and it was FUCKING EPIC, lead by Zeratul himself. “Protoss brethren, heed me! The last twilight has fallen. The galaxy burns around us! The terrans have been consumed. We are all that stands against the shadow. But if we are to meet our end this day, then we will do so AS ONE! En Taro Tassadar!” **spoiler end** *sniff sniff* I’m not crying there’s dust in my eyes.

Keep Us Entertained!

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