And the world keeps turning

The history of mankind is one that could not have been written without some blood being spilled. There are people in this world who believe that this could have been avoided but the truth is that it was all necessary. Every bullet ever fired, every life ever taken and every inhumane act ever committed on a battlefield was and still is necessary to mankind. Now, my saying this doesn’t mean that I condone the acts committed during war but what it does mean is that I’m willing to accept the fact that these things must happen. Argue it if you must but regardless of your opinion the fact is that all is fair in war. The reason why we humans need this constant state of chaos is because it restates points that many people seem to be quick to forget.  War makes us see how necessary it is for us to try to understand each other, to see how fragile and precious life is and it lets us know that our greatest enemies will always be ourselves…at least until the alien invasion arrives.

To begin, communication is one of the easiest reasons for starting a fight. Be it in the school yard between children or on the world playground between nations, when people lack communication shit can hit the fan very quickly. Think about it, with information and the collection of it being so vital in times of war the lack of communication is the easiest way to create tension, hostility and suspicion between two groups.  Pacifists usually band together for this cause especially in the wake of disasters caused by war. Oh well, the sad fact is that there are also times where communication can be quite strong and clear but talks go in the complete opposite direction of those with more peaceful objectives. The fact is that at the end of everything we could probably easily avoid a huge amount of conflicts as long as there is communication between all the different groups of people involved. Alas, there are some people who simply do not wish to communicate at all which is an inevitable fact of life. These are the kinds of people who either do whatever they want or are dealt with by means of force. When given that grim truth communication seems rather useless if you can simply beat those who oppose you into submission but we need communication to keep the world from becoming more barbaric than it needs to be.

Given the fact that the world is so barbaric as is, one must wonder why we humans find it necessary to participate in an act like war. The more cynical minority would say that war is basically humans controlling their own population while others would cry and ask the gods in the heavens ‘why this must be’. Personally, I’m a fan of the population control idea but there’s a more beautiful truth to why war is necessary. War is necessary because it reminds mankind of how easily life can be taken away from us. The barbaric acts committed by people during times of war is a simple reminder of not only how savage we humans can be but it also serves to remind us of how easily a life can be broken. From dead soldiers being returned to their countries in boxes and families being torn apart by stray bullets, war serves as a reminder of the Buddha’s first noble truth- All life is suffering. After the war is over that’s when we get to see the real effect it has on people. Everyone from the soldiers who return with obvious or less than obvious mental illness to the person who stayed home and had to suffer from the economic problems a country goes into after going to war, they all feel it. War can destroy lives on and off the battlefield and lets us know one more great truth that makes war necessary.

We are our own worst enemy. This is the truth that it all boils down to. Why do we want to make guns better when most animals will die after being shot with an old gun? Because we’re not making guns to hunt for animals, we’re making better guns to hunt people with. People are the ones who scream and shout for peace yet we go out and claim that we need more dangerous weapons in order to defend ourselves from others. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence there are people out there thinking the same goddamn thing. It’s an endless and vicious cycle that sadly needs to happen in order for us to know that we are our own worst enemy. Look at Einstein, he helped to create the atom bomb to only realize at the end of his days that he had made a grave mistake and begged for people to stop making nuclear weapons. Now, war has given us great technological advances but the truth is that we still are bloody idiots. People scream and shout about the dangers of weapons of mass destruction yet we still produce them. How sensible is it that humans possess enough weapons to blow the world up? Who in the right mind makes something that can burn their house down…IN THEIR OWN HOUSE. If anything, we’re not just our own worst enemy but we need war to remind us  of how stupid we always will be.

Anyways, in closing war is necessary for a number of reasons. From population control to being our constant reminder of all our human faults war is there for you, me and the rest of the human family.

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