Why should we care?

So as you all see folks we’re on a bit of a roll this month with the posts here at The Infection. Oh well, in all fairness we’re writing about an extremely easy subject here so it would be hard for us to fuck up on this. Anyways, to get onto topic today I’m in the mood to talk about protesting and activism. You all know that I went to the went to the G20 in Toronto this year and if not then you can look up the G20 post yourself. For the record, I did nothing illegal while I was down there. I was strictly there to photograph and document history as it happened. So all of you shit for brains who want to chew me up as one of the anarchists can EAT A DICK. I just happened to be passing by with my camera after the anarchists had done their share of damage…

In the past few weeks or so I’ve been reading papers and articles about inquiries into the G20 and the police conduct there. I can effectively confirm that security was quite tight during the G20 and there were a few things that they did that most would say were unnecessary from what I could see. Otherwise, from what I’ve heard and seen from people at the summit protesting as well as from what I’ve read in the papers of late makes me sure that protesting and activism is needed now more than ever. Label me as extreme for this if you want but the day we don’t have people protesting and rallying for something is the day that something is truly wrong in this world. The world will never be perfect and people will always have problems with it thus why we need protesters and activists out there and making sure that those in power know what the hell is wrong and what they need to do. There are people I know who have questioned me about what the point is in rallies, protests and activism in general. They believe that those in power don’t listen to the people and nothing will be done about anything when we protest and complain. I am more than willing to tell those people that they are FULL OF SHIT and they need to read a history textbook to understand that these things are necessary.

During the course of the G20 and many of the days leading up to it I attended a few rallies and protests. I will admit that before going I leaned more towards anarchy than anything and I came in hopes of seeing many acts of destruction happen. Such was not the case and I was kindly informed that the point of real protesting and rallies are not to destroy the establishment but they are there to let the people in power know that there are people who are unhappy with the way they are doing things. Now, people who are on the cynical side of things will say that the government is there only for those who matter and the rest should simply accept what they give us. I ask, why? As far as I’ve been taught or come to believe I know that people should not fear their governments, its supposed to be the other way around. Why does the government exist? To serve the people and promote their well being. So does it not make sense that when the people want something from their government they will ask? If the government does not listen then what are they supposed to do? Sit and accept the decisions of a chosen and select few over things that affect them. Yes, it makes complete sense that a small group of individuals are able to rule over the majority with an iron fist. What the fuck is wrong here?!

Let me illustrate the situation for you: You’re married and you’ve consented to have sexual relations with this special someone, we’ll call them ‘The government’ for this story. Now you’re in the middle of this steamy romp when ‘The government’ says it’s going to fuck you up the ass. You say ‘Hell no’ but the government says ‘I’m gonna fuck you in the ass and you’re gonna like it’. You scream and holler for what is now rape to stop but the government goes and does it anyways. They do angrily and without lube which leads to much bleeding and swelling in your asshole. Congratulations, you’ve been raped by ‘The government’. Now some of you might be thinking, ‘you’re married so it’s never rape when you’re married’ but those of you who are thinking this need to know that once someone says ‘stop’ and you keep going, it’s considered rape.

The reason why people need to get up and go out to protest is because we need to let the government know that we don’t appreciate getting fucked up the ass. Some of you out there might be alright with just taking and accepting it, hell some of you might even like it but there are people out there who just cant and wont simply accept having dick for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are the people who we call protesters and activists, the ones who don’t like taking it up the ass. We all know that in any average or ‘normal’ marriage there will be some fucking sometimes but it’s usually a give and take kind of thing. What the activists and protesters are there for is to ensure that the people in power know that we really aren’t in the mood to give it up when we’re getting nothing out of it. So now you know.

All in all, keep us entertained people!

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