Frame by Frame

So, as you all know now The Infection has officially shut it’s doors for the last time as of December 18th 2010. Some of you might be sad about it and others like myself are really sad about it but it’s time for us to move onto greater things.

Before I leave this place for good I want to thank you all for your constant support over the last 104 weeks. We love all the comments, good and bad. We see your page views and where they come from but we thank you for sticking with us. Even if we didn’t deliver on promises alot of the time or entertain you we’re glad you stayed with us the whole time. We appreciate all the people who have volunteered to help us and all the people who have come to correct our mistakes in the past.  This is on behalf of all of us here at The Infection- Thank you.

I also feel, as a leader, that I have to thank all of the staff here at The Infection for doing their best over these last two years. It’s been good to have you all here and god damn I hope to see alot of you at the new site with me. I even want to thank those of you who have come and gone breifly as well as all the people who have written guest posts for us in the past. Thank you all.

Finally, this is for me…I want to close the floor with one last post I had started writing a few months back but never got to finishing for some reason or the other. I see no point in letting it go to waste but here’s one last thing to keep you all entertained!

We’ll see you at the new site!

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Finally, the finale!

Alright people, we’re back again here at The Infection and it’s Poison here to announce our last and final theme- EVER!

Yes folks, this is it. After two years of running The Infection we’re finally shutting our doors and as always we close shop early for the holidays on the 18th. First off, it’s been good being with all of you but before we go into our thank you’s and all that jazz we are going to end the show with one last trip down memory lane!

This month we’re going to go over the best of our posts from the last two years and get real in depth and nasty about everything we’ve said. We’re not taking back anything we said but we’re also not stubborn enough to be unable to admit when we were wrong. Sometimes this might happen but be sure that we have no regrets about anything we say. So, this month it’s ‘The posts strike back’ as we go down the list and recap our top ten posts of all time with some discussion, debate and foresight on the issues presented. Continue reading