Finally, the finale!

Alright people, we’re back again here at The Infection and it’s Poison here to announce our last and final theme- EVER!

Yes folks, this is it. After two years of running The Infection we’re finally shutting our doors and as always we close shop early for the holidays on the 18th. First off, it’s been good being with all of you but before we go into our thank you’s and all that jazz we are going to end the show with one last trip down memory lane!

This month we’re going to go over the best of our posts from the last two years and get real in depth and nasty about everything we’ve said. We’re not taking back anything we said but we’re also not stubborn enough to be unable to admit when we were wrong. Sometimes this might happen but be sure that we have no regrets about anything we say. So, this month it’s ‘The posts strike back’ as we go down the list and recap our top ten posts of all time with some discussion, debate and foresight on the issues presented.

The top ten posts of all time are…

10) Ontario’s new zero tolerance law- whats the beef?– by Lionel Heart- Some of you from outside of Canada who read this might not be so sure what this means but to me this zero tolerance law is just another way to target the youth and discriminate against us. Love how our government loves us. Anyways, check this out as I’m sure a lot of you readers have or you can wait for Poison to have his say on the issue when he does the follow up post for this one!

9) The Boondocks: Culturally insensitive or genius satire?– by Lionel Heart- We came out hard at the start of this year with this little number that you all obviously enjoyed back in January. Lionel once again took the show floor with this post that covers one of the most popular series on television at the moment, The Boondocks. Lionel asks the question that alot of people watching ask themselves, is this racist or is it satirical? Should I be laughing!? Check out the recap for this post this month by Solstice!

8) New Comic preview: Ganguro girl– by Poison Apple- So Poison dropped the ball on this one but you all were really excited about this comic. As much as it was fanfiction it still was something you all anticipated much and Poison apologizes about his dropping of the ball on this one. Still, we’re going to recap this anyways and probably talk about what we did have in mind for this or what we would have liked to see happen in it. Who knows, maybe Cronus could convince us in his recap of this that revival of this little gem is a good idea and possibly get Poison up off his ass.

7)The condom report– by Wonderfuk- We have not heard from her since this post and her little debate with our boy Nate but we did manage to get the attention of the guys over at Durex condoms because of this one. What was fun was the live field testing of the condoms involved in the making of this wonderful and informative report. Who knows…perhaps Lionel could come in and make a nice recap of this report and how much it may or may not have benefit all of us out there.

6) Anime North 2010– by Everyone- This was the most prepared for event in the history of our entire existence. Yes, we can hear the collective groan as you wonder why the hell we didn’t prepare for Fan expo as well as we did for this but we did learn well from this excursion. We need more of everything for this but we’ll get an opinion from Poison and Lionel about this little excursion as well as addressing some issues we have with certain people over at a certain group.

5)Final Fantasy XIII: Advent Amazing…movie- by Lionel Heart- This game was one of the best disappointments of the year. Hands down. Lionel made this clear in this post but Cronus is going to come in this month and just kick the shit out of the wounded beast that is Final Fantasy XIII.

4) All About Abortion-by Poison Apple- If there was an award for going to extremes to prove a point then Poison would get it for this post. The pictures, the video and the essay that went into this post just make it clear that it wasn’t just the simple subject matter that got people to read this but it was a combination of extremes. Alas, because of this Poison isn’t allowed to touch the post again but Solstice will be touching down and giving a much needed feminine and possibly more humane view of abortion this month.

3) The top ten wonderful and top ten shitty Halloween costume ideas– by Lionel Heart- As you can all see Lionel just takes the charts with our top posts. We all know that we would be nowhere without him so lets take the moment and thank him for everything he’s done here. Such a humanitarian he is, not only does he charitably make great posts for us but he makes sure that all of you people out there are informed of what fashion crimes you are not allowed to commit on a day that can be called fashion Armageddon. Poison will be following this post up with his ideas on what the best and worst Halloween costumes are to wear.

2) Hot and Heavily inked– by Poison Apple- Oh our humble beginnings. It’s lovely how perversion can sell so much no matter how much time goes by. This month Cronus will be covering this post with his own thoughts about sex in cartoons.

And our number one post of all time is…

The Game of the week: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix plus- by Cronus- This post has been a thorn in our backsides for too long. So much so that Poison himself has reserved the review of this post to him and him alone as he is NOT a kingdom hearts fan. Be sure that his flames of wrath will not subside as he ravages the game for what it is and lets all know that there is no good in this. Either that or he’s going to attack the artist behind the game itself…one or the other he will not be forgiving when it comes to this game.

All in all people, that’s the month so do be sure to keep us entertained for the final act in this little show called…The Infection!

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