Slutwalk 2011

Alright people! We’ve hit the ground running with a new post about a new event to keep you all informed and entertained. This weekend past, Solstice and I hit the streets of downtown Toronto for Slutwalk 2011. Since I’ve been barred from writing an opinion piece concerning the event in question I will give some slight background on what the hell this event was. Continue reading

We’re Back!!!

Welcome one and welcome all to the wonderful, new and improved, show I have for you all! Are you ready? Are you mad inside?¬†Got you strapped down to your seats?! ¬†Those of you who get the reference before checking out the new song of the month should receive a prize. If you were here during the time of The Infection then you’ll know that those prizes were AWESOME. So..what’s new? What’s exciting with you all? Continue reading