We’re Back!!!

Welcome one and welcome all to the wonderful, new and improved, show I have for you all! Are you ready? Are you mad inside? Got you strapped down to your seats?!  Those of you who get the reference before checking out the new song of the month should receive a prize. If you were here during the time of The Infection then you’ll know that those prizes were AWESOME. So..what’s new? What’s exciting with you all?

We’ve been gone for a while and we apologize but we’re back now. It’ll be much later before I, Poison, explain what the hell I’ve been doing for the past half a year but know that it definitely wasn’t nothing. Alas, my dark and secretive task ended with my failure but even in my failures there are successes. I’ve come back to share them with you all. Oh yes, not only am I back to say all the foul things that offend and confuse people but some fan favorites are back in action as well. People like Lionel Heart, Cronus, Solstice, N@T3 and we can’t forget Rockpopple!  All the people we loved before are back again to talk more shit and show off what we’ve been preparing for you all in the past year.

Now to bring things into a more personal note. I want to say that I’m sorry for leaving you without a word world. I mean…we left and said we were going to a new site and all I come back with is a mere name change and an update to the layout. Not as stylish as the one The Infection had but mind you it’s simple, sleek and stylish. We wanted a more professional look for the future. Something to help others know that we’re not just a bunch of raging teenagers who just want to talk a bunch of shit and look cool while saying it. We’re adult’s darn it and we might just act like it…someday in the faraway future. For now, we have lots of grand plans to keep you all entertained.

While we were gone we did do some groundwork on the soon to be website that I’m not allowed to talk about anymore. We also managed to make some deals with shadowy figures in exchange for getting rid of some people. Who know’s some of these people we might see again someday but my doubts are high in that department. While I’m on it…we lost Spectrum, Wonderfuk, Poindextra and Apoc. Some of you might miss them, hell we do but at the same time they had different plans and it looks like we wont be going any farther together. If we see them again, who knows but we’ll keep a lookout for them. Oh yes! Before I forget, you can still find our old posts from The Infection here so if there’s something you want to talk about that happened a long ass time ago then feel free to talk about it.

So, with a new start it means that it’s time to go over what we’ve said in the past 2 years. We’ve grown and hopefully matured so maybe we can come to new opinions on things that we might have been wrong about before. Otherwise, we can revise and tell you how wrong you are if you disagree with us. Both of these things entertain us greatly.

Speaking of things that entertain us greatly we also have a new logo! This is a piece done by me, something personal and hopefully you all like it. Not that I really give a damn about your opinions but comments of all kinds are appreciated. I like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE. So if you have any soul bashing to do, do it to my face…that way I can bash your face in. Fuck non violence…you want to deliberately hurt my feelings? Then I want to deliberately hurt you, physically. Sound good? It does to me. Here it is!

She’s called ‘The Thinking Muse” after the mythical muses who inspire art, philosophy and creativity. She’s our very own patron muse and hopefully she’ll be able to inspire others to do great things. If I ever get to telling you all about how I literally saw her in a dream and had to bring her from the depths of my mind then you’ll understand why I chose this as our mascot.

Anyways, keep us entertained and here’s your song for the month!


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