Investment opportunities: Which artist here likes money?

Hey, I’m Poison Apple, I run the place.

Here at Artist Soul Entertainment we like to think we’re doing what we can to help the noble cause of artists around the world. What is that noble cause? To get paid to do what they love doing most; creating art. Sadly, we can’t really do that for free…well we can and we have but it’s more lucrative for us to if you artists would be willing to pay us a small gift. Thus the ‘Investment Opportunity’ title of this post.

Most of you are probably thinking ‘what kind of small gift does he want?’ and some of you are farther ahead of the rest thinking ‘this is a fucking joke, screw this, I’m going to watch jersey shore and let my brain rot’. Well I’ll respond to your questions with another question- Do you like money? I know that if you’ve read this far into the post then you do like money.  Happily we share something in common, we also like money over here at Artist Soul. Why do we like money? Because when we have more of it we can help you guys make more money when we’re able to promote you better using the money that you can give to us.

Now you’re probably asking ‘why the hell would I want to give these clowns money?’ and the answer is simple. For a small finders fee of 3% of the fee for every commission that you, the artist, negotiate we will devote all of our energies to the promotion of you and your artwork. Simple right? There are no loopholes or shady deals going on here so read on for the details.

The agreement is simple. We want 3% of the total sum of any commissions you, the artist, receive from any work you get from a commission referenced to you by us. You, the artist, will determine the terms of the contract with the client yourself meaning  how much you want from them will totally be up to you. All we want in exchange is an insignificant 3% of your total profit from a job you got thanks to our promotion of your work. If we introduce you to a client and the job doesn’t go through then we don’t get a dime.  Sound fair? It does to us.

As you know, we’re a very public group and you can be sure that your small 3% will go far if you leave it with us.  You can be assured that you will get the most out of this  as we have gone to a multitude of places and have various connections with people from all walks of life. Everyday we have people asking us if we know people who can draw this, sketch that or paint something for them while offering money. Meanwhile, we hear heartbreaking stories about talented individuals like yourself just not getting the recognition you deserve and begging for even the smallest of jobs in order to simply have your skills appreciated by someone out there. Well friends, we are here to help.

So, the last question on your mind is ‘how do I sign up?’. That’s quite simple really. All you need to do is send an e-mail to with a link to your website/blog,  your name/alias and a quick artist bio in order for us to post a link to your work up here for all to see.  Your website/blog should have a gallery of current artwork available for people to see because you all know that we can’t get you jobs if we have nothing of yours to show to people. From there, whenever we happen to get a job for you we will refer them to you and the rest is yours from there. You’ll be sent a response e-mail as soon as possible outlining the proper terms of our agreement but dont worry, there isn’t much that wasn’t covered here in the post but feel free to ask questions in the comments section!

Hope to see some of you talented people with us in the future.

Keep us entertained!

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