Anime North 2011 – Part 1: Conventions and Cosplay and Cameras… Oh My!

Cronus here, bringing you a slice of convention pie with a quick peek at some of our cosplay pics from Friday and Saturday Afternoon. At the time of writing, Anime North’s Masquerade Ball is currently underway and Poison, deep inside getting look at the cream of the crop, but for now, here’s some of our favourites from the first half of the weekend. Continue reading

The Top Ten Most Fabulous Anime Characters

To get ready for AnimeNorth 2011, we bring an unprecedented post. This post is fabulous enough to be brought to you by Poison Apple, Lionel Heart and Cronus. In fact, this post is filled with so much fabulous that all three of us had to be sitting in the same room while this list was being compiled. (Major spoilers for some series are in this post. Read at your own discretion.) Continue reading