The Top Ten Most Fabulous Anime Characters

To get ready for AnimeNorth 2011, we bring an unprecedented post. This post is fabulous enough to be brought to you by Poison Apple, Lionel Heart and Cronus. In fact, this post is filled with so much fabulous that all three of us had to be sitting in the same room while this list was being compiled. (Major spoilers for some series are in this post. Read at your own discretion.)

* NOTE: Before we begin, we would first like to say that fabulous butlers did not make this list because we feel that a fabulous butler is one of the 3 kinds of butlers and to be a fabulous butler you MUST be fabulous, and that felt kinda like a cop out, so we’ve limited this list to non-butler characters.

There was one more exception, but we’ll address that afterwards. For now, on with the list!

10. Koizumi Itsuki; Suzumiya Haruhi series: Koizumi exists in a world that, for the most part, functions on the same basic norms as the real world. As such, he is the most average example of fabulous in any universe which makes him a wonderful baseline for this list.

Itsuki as characterized in the "Churuya" 4-koma series


Itsuki as featured in the comedic spinoff "Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu"

9.  Heine Westenfluss; Gundam SEED Destiny: Being voiced by the most fabulous man in the universe, T.M. Revolution, Heine automatically takes a spot on this list. Along with the orange hair, orange GOUF, and orange space suit to match, Heine exhibits a wonderful sense of fashion that only the truly fabulous would even bother considering during a time of war. It also only helps him that TMR’s own fabulousness kind of seeps its way into his character as a whole.


8. Treize Kushrenada; Gundam Wing:  In the middle of a war this man has the time to take a rose petal bath, he lets two doves out of a cage while reciting sappy poetry, and his dying words are “That was beautiful, Wufei”. Yes, this man goes about life with grace and fabulousness to the point his death was nothing short of “fabulous”.


7. Tuxedo Mask/Moonlight Knight (Not Mamoru Chiba); Sailor Moon: He’s tuxedo mask, he saves the day by throwing red/white roses, wears fabulous armour and has fabulous fashion sense, see the top hat and mask. As for when when he switches into the Moonlight Knight, can anyone say “Arabian Nights”?

6. Kurama; Yu Yu Hakusho: Being shippable with any of the male characters not withstanding (Yes, we’re passing up the easy joke from the last episode), he still makes his mark by being noble and beautiful while using a rose vine whip as his primary weapon. Hell, he even transforms into a fox.

5. James; Pokemon: He has purple hair, he can look better than his female partner whenever he so chooses (and let’s face it, Jesse isn’t exactly the most unattractive woman in the series), and he’s been known to carry a rose in his mouth whenever he makes an entrance. James is as fabulous as comedic relief can possibly get.


4. Schneizel El Britannia & Kanon Maldini; Code Geass: Now, while we’ve had plenty to say so far, words really just fail us for these guys. We would like to posit, however, that these two function as a single whole in terms of their characters (and more importantly their fabulousness) and so we present them as a single character on this list. As for “Why?” well, please see below.

3. Juda;  Fist of the North Star: He’s got pink hair, he’s known as the Star of Enchantment a.k.a Yosei (Fairy Star), he declares himself the strongest and most beautiful man of them all and did not like Rei because Rei was more elegant than him. Juda was so fabulous that as he died, he admitted that Rei was more beautiful than him and said, “I can’t fight against something that I find beautiful”.

2. Dio Brando; Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: He’s GAR and he’s fabulous. That alone is a feat worthy of much praise, but when you include his actions, his motivations, and hell, even his fashion sense (a heart belt-buckle?), his fabulousness reaches some very good heights. He’s so famous he has his own meme and an AMV hell dedicated to him! Now he may not be one of the most simply fabulous character, but for a super GAR character he pulls off the fabulous and that’s enough to get number 2.

1. Sugata;  Star Driver:

Okay, now we know what you’re thinking;” Sure, Star Driver is a series filled with fabulousness, but he seems a lot like Itsuki, maybe even less so, in most normal situations”, but well… again, please see below.

“Jesus Fucking Christ his midriff GLITTERS. GLITTERS!””

In a series filled with fabulousness, Sugata goes above and beyond. Which is pretty much exactly what the “fabulous” do to begin with, and if you missed the caption HIS MIDRIFF GLITTERS!!!!!!!!

We give an Honourable Mention to Jeice of the Ginyu Force (Dragon Ball Z) for being the most fabulous member, of what was already a fairly fabulous group, however he just fell short of making it onto this list.

We would also like to give an Honourable Mention to pretty much the entire male cast of Revolutionary Girl Utena. We certainly acknowledge that many of these characters would probably have made it onto this list. However, it was for that express reason that we felt that the series itself should maybe get it’s own ranking instead of taking up half (or more) of this list and bumping off other characters that we felt should be recognized for being fabulous in what would otherwise be fairly normal series (as far as fabulousness is concerned).

We also give an Honourable Mention to Allen Crusade Schezar (Escaflowne) cause in a world full of battle hardened soldiers he was the prettiest and most graceful of them all.

Finally, we would like to give a special mention to Kanon Maldini’s Hat. Why? Well, let’s just say that very few accessories end up being main characters in slash fiction.

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