Anime North 2011- We’re back and we have goodies!

Alright you little beasts, It’s your master, Poison here!! I’ll spare you all the small talk and get to the big stuff when I say that we’ve got some shit for y’all today!

So we’re sure that alot of you saw us at Anime North this past week and we’ve been making our way through the footage from that little occasion in order to make sense of it all. For those of you who saw and recognized us but didn’t say anything to us…you guys suck. Otherwise, it was nice to see all you lovely readers out and about there last week.

Next to footage from Anime North we also have video from TCAF that we still didn’t show you all. We’ve got a few interviews, a bit of a trip into the alleys of Toronto to check out awesome graffiti and a bunch of other shit that I’ve managed to somewhat forget about over the past month. Dont worry in the next few hours, if you keep watching, we’re gonna shit in your faces with the amount of crap we’ve collected over the past month for you to look at. We could make excuses for why we haven’t been updating frequently but fuck that the video is here to explain everything.

All in all, because we know we sure as hell are going to keep you entertained…

Keep us entertained!


Day 1!



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