Anime North 2011- This is it.

Alright people, we’ve got a boatload of footage to go through on our end that we just dont want to go through…so we wont.

If you ask for more later on in the year then maybe we will give you more but otherwise we have no reason to continue with updates on this thing anymore. Otherwise, we will be starting another facebook group later this year and we’ll be nice enough to post ALL of the pictures and other wonderful things you missed out on at the con or any other events we pass by this year. All that being said, this is the last Anime North 2011 post you’ll get from us. This is it, there is no more. Once again, keep looking at our Youtube channel and eventually our Facebook for more.  Oh yes! Some of you might be wondering if or when the hell we’re going to get onto twitter…we’re going to be avoiding that for now. Maybe wait until it eventually merges into Facebook and then when ‘Twitbook’ decides to launch it’s own browser we’ll finally decide to hop on board.  For now, you get us on YouTube, Facebook and minorly on Deviantart.

Now! This post is just videos for all of you. First, we have a highlight reel of the panels from Saturday.

Next, we have a nice long list of all the great costumes we got to see at the Masquerade Ball on Saturday night.

Assassins Creed

Bioshock Big Daddy

Cardcaptor Sakura- Nadeshiko Kinomoto

Final Fantasy Group- Chibi Yuna

Dot Hack GU group

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy Mages Group

Final Fantasy 9 group

Code Geass Group

Green Lantern

Berserk- Griffith

A Poison Personal Favorite- RX78-2: Gundam Girl


Joker, Harley and Bane


Mario Babies

Another Poison personal favorite- Team Rocket Blimp

Anyways people, keep us entertained!

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