We have porn/news, look here!

Alright people, it’s time for a general update on our activity. Just so you know, we’re always busy with something or the other so dont jump ship yet. Take it from me, the captain, we’re always on duty.

First off, we’re cancelling our investment opportunities promotion! Yes, it’s done with. After some deep self reflection we’ve come to realize that kind of business isn’t us. We’re here for the artists and we also like to consider ourselves artists so we promote for free. That being said…us promoting for free also allows us to pick and choose freely who the hell we want to promote. We also get to say what the hell we want to say because we are not bound by professional capacity to say nice things about anybody since they are not paying us. In all honesty, even if you were paying us that doesn’t guarantee we’re going to be nice to you. If you want someone to be nice to you after you pay them you call a whore and , trust me most of us are not cheap… well that’s depending on your definition of ‘cheap’.

Alongside that we also have some new names to add to our ever growing list of artists and entertainers that we like to rub shoulders with! This one is actually from our brother Lionel. A young and talented hip-hip artist going by the moniker of P.Money is the name we want to throw down with here. We have a link to his record label; H.I.V.E Records/ DSF. Check it out and be sure that if Lionel is willing to give them his approval then we are right behind him on that. Personally I’ve listened to his stuff before, courtesy of Lionel again, and trust me when I say that this man is worth hearing. Mad respect to H.I.V.E Records/ DSF, do your thing and remember to keep us entertained!

Finally, we’re currently working on getting our late breaking thoughts and updates up about this years E3 convention. I dont want to give away too much but I will say that Microsoft’s press conference blew chunks, Sony was sexy as usual and Nintendo was worth some attention. The posts about each of the press conferences will be written by Cronus, Myself and Lionel respectively. Trust us, we have some more than entertaining things to say about this year’s E3 so stay tuned and tune in if your not but most of all…

Keep us entertained!

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