E3 2011 – Nifty Nintendo… yet again!

I kind of feel like I am going to cheat with this post but what can I say, Nintendo has done it yet again, with the Wii-U, overshadowing the whole show and whatever content they had to present with this one piece of hardware.

This whole presentation was reminiscent of the E3 when the Revolution, later to be named Wii, was made public knowledge (that seemed so long ago!). The Wii-U, not to repeat things, overshadowed Nintendo’s E3 whole show so much I feel everything else is irrelevant, for all intent and purposes that statement is true.

I like what Nintendo has done with the Wii and its marketing and marketability, I could see the possibilities when the Wii was released… the Wii-U, not-so-much. Not to rain on any parties or shit on any storms, I really can’t see how far this can go, it look like a great gimmick, it looks like a good update over the Wii, other than the technical specs, the only thing this console looks good for right now is… Zelda, how familiar. The controller looks too imposing and too big, unless those buttons are really small. The camera on the controller seems like it’s a bit too much. But I’ll wait to see what this console has before I pass judgement

Wait, I lied, I will talk about something else Nintendo did at E3, their showcase of 3DS games looks impressive from Mario Kart right down to Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater. As general and vague of a statement that is, it’s me being honest, all the games look like solid games for the handheld, but I don’t have the money for the console and the games to play them and tell you how they turn out.

Keep Us Entertained!

If you want more, official, information on the console go here –> http://e3.nintendo.com/





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