E3 2011- So-so for Sony

Wassup people, it’s ya boy Poison here again with the Artist Soul Entertainment review of the Sony press conference at this year’s E3. If you don’t want to read the comprehensive review of everything said then I’ll be nice and give you the punchline now- It wasn’t as exciting as last year but they didn’t completely disappoint me. They gave us good games at good prices that generally kept the audience happy. Everything that we could ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over was something that we already knew about as rumors months ago if you follow the gaming news sites.  Now on to the article!

Alright, so the press conference began with an introduction and welcome by our host, Jack Tretton . He started the show by making sure to apologize for the Playstation Network outage that happened last month and he was  damn right to begin apologizing for that shit. If you own a Playstation 3 system then you know what the pain was like when you didn’t have your wonderful free Playstation Network for all your online gaming while those assholes with X-boxes were sneering. All in all, they apologized for their crap security. Jack went on to say that network activity was at 90% currently…but given that a lot of these people have been cut off for the past month it didn’t surprise me that network activity would be at 90% as soon as news spread that it came back on.

After copious  consumer ass kissing by Jack on behalf of Sony we then get to the meat of this little press conference, the games. So I’ll list off the titles of some of these upcoming games. If I didn’t include a game on the list that’s probably because it looks like it’s going to suck, I don’t know the game or I know the series and it really isn’t worth mentioning.

First off, at the top of the list is ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’

So those of you who know the Uncharted series will know of it’s awesomeness. Visually, this series sets the bar for what is top quality  Playstation 3 graphics. The story and characters are excellent. Finally, the gameplay makes it feel like a movie. What I mean to say is that games in the Uncharted series are not only fun to play but they are fun to watch other people play because it seems like watching a movie.  Hell, they’ve managed to make the third game into so cinematic and experience that you can bloody well play it in 3D! If you own a Playstation 3 console and have not had the chance to get your hands on Uncharted then you need to go shopping now!

The next games that caught my eye were the ‘God of War’ playstation portable titles (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) that were being brought to the Playstation 3 console this September in 3D.

Along with revamps of some awesome titles from the PSP we also have 3D remakes of the cult classic Playstation 2 games, ‘Ico’ and ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, coming to the Playstation 3 this September. I look forward to this because I have played both games and artistically they are both bathed in beauty while the game play and story are unique while enjoyable. I spent the majority of both games going ‘Oh my god it’s fucking amazing’ while cleaning the drool off my self.

The pictures do no justice to this game...
Screenshot from Ico on Playstation 2
Yes, the scale is really like that. You do fight that shit. No hints or instructions. Just you, a knife, a bow and a horse...fucking insane.
Shadow of the Colossus screenshot

The next game that caught my eye was ‘Infamous 2’. Although I only briefly got to play the first one and enjoyed it slightly, this sequel looks bloody awesome.  Fuck what I’m saying and check out he trailer for this. And for god sake please press switch it to high definition, it’s meaningless otherwise.

Aside from the aforementioned titles that piqued my interest and made it into my must buy list there are many other big titles that made the cut. Familiar popular titles include ‘Sly Cooper: Thieves in time‘, Bioshock Infinite,  A brand new ‘Star Trek’ game based on the new J.J.Abrams revamp of the original series, NBA 2K12Resistance 3 and a bunch of other shit I honestly cannot remember at the moment. I assume you’re all smart enough to go ahead and find out more on your own…we’re not here to feed you everything.

Outside of the games, Sony also announced the multiple new ways they plan to rape our wallets with three things that caught my interest. I’ll start by saying that we all will probably have to upgrade our phones…At least I will have to upgrade my phone because Playstation is coming to mobile phones now. Yep, the Playstation Suite is bringing Playstation content to Android enabled Smartphones and operating devices. What this means is that I can now not only play all the wonderful Playstation games I already enjoy on the PSP but I can also do it on my phone…provided I can afford it.

The next fun little toy Sony decided to show up with was the Playstation 3D display television. Yes, they’re finally bringing home a television that displays in 3D for you. This pleases us. The television is 24 inches wide and available in 3D or High Definition. Sony has been kind enough to include  1 pair of 3D glasses, a copy of ‘Resistance’ and an HDMI cable in a wonderful package offer with this television. The grand total cost of all this : $499.00 USD.

Finally, the crown jewel of this year’s E3 for Sony was their announcement and demonstration of the Playstation Vita. It is the successor to Sony’s Playstation portable system.

Dual analog sticks, multi-touch screens, Sixaxis enabled,front and rear cameras, live voice chat and it comes in two models. The wi-fi enabled version and the 3G version. As far as tech goes this new Playstation portable device is like a swiss army knife of Playstation technology. As for games, they’ve announced two upcoming titles so far; Ruin,  a new Uncharted title and Street Fighter versus Tekken. You all should know that I’m bloody excited about this little device. Alas, those of you who can flash back to a few years ago when the Playstation portable was first announced are probably thinking ‘I’m going to have to sell my mother for this…the day has finally come’…Good news! The price is decent this time at only $249.00 for the Wi-fi enabled version and $299.00 for the 3G version.

All in all, Sony did a so-so job keeping me entertained. They announced a fair enough amount of games while keeping my attention piqued with new technology. I’m looking forward to the holiday season this year so that I can window shop and drool over the Vita this year.

Keep us entertained!

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