The Purpose of Being

This week in my life outside of A-Soul I dealt with the regular list of characters in the play. Among the list of characters would be my loving mother and as I helped her clean the house on Sunday, as I normally do, I mentioned to her that I do not wish to ever have children. By this point in the article you can probably see where I’m going to go here but I’ll say it for the less intelligent bunch. My mother began to question my reasons why and asked me what it is that I plan to do with my life if I don’t plan to ever settle down and have children. She essentially questioned my purpose for being which then brings me to throw the question out to you my adoring audience, what is the purpose for being? Continue reading

Those Were the Days

For the last week I’ve been preparing myself for a 24 hour think tank. I’ve had to clear my schedule completely as well as take care of any obligations in the way of this think tank. Alas, I’ve returned to you, my loving audience, with yet another article and this time we have a somewhat proper picture in the works. See below for more on this piece that’s coming together. As for today I want to talk about something related to sex. Yeah, it’s been a while but we’re going back to that lovely issue of sex. This time we’re looking at sex in art….again. Continue reading

You’re Scantily Clad and I’m Not So Glad

Alright, so today I heard some rather distressing news. Well…to be honest the news was only distressing to me. I heard from Cronus that there was a new and more scantily clad than ever version of Black Cat in the new Spiderman game. Now mind you that this post isn’t to complain about that alone but my biggest issue is when comics and video games decide to push the bar for skankaliciousness a little too far for my tastes. Taking Black Cat and making her even sluttier looking for no good reason is something that really pushes my buttons. It’s this little push that has sent me over the edge into oblivion with this post. Continue reading

You’ve Been Mistaken

I apologize for my deception but the truth is that I am, first and foremost, a visual artist.  It’s come to my attention that many of you who read here have been led into believing that I’m more of a writer than I am a visual artist. If I may inform you all of the fact that these posts take little of my time in comparison to how much I must spend on my visual pieces then you’ll know that I am not to be mistaken as a writer who ‘likes’ to draw. Writing is the whore I violently release my salted seed onto the face of before I go home to spoil my wife with all kinds of romantic affection in a fashion fitting of true love. Only the untrained eye can say that I love the writing more but the truth is that I care very little for her. Drawing on the other hand…I’m afraid to sully her good reputation by being seen in public with her so I stay here with her and not in the good and proper graces of the galleries.

For today’s post, you get nothing but a nice little blurb about my original character Gaia Kikumai. Continue reading

Equality for Almost All of Us

What is the role of a man in society today? Depending on where you go you’ll find that the role of the male gender is changing to become something more ambiguous. Meanwhile, in other places men hold a more traditional role as provider, protectors and as pillars of strength. Traditionally, in most societies men have all held the role as provider, protectors and pillars of strength thus why the ideal of a man being strong, independent and overall proud has been passed down through generations. Even in societies where gender roles are becoming more ambiguous men are still viewed as ‘strong’ and this kind of thinking has come to work against us. Continue reading

Only in Dreams

We all have dreams, no matter who we are or how old we are we all will dream of something. Don’t confuse the dreams I speak of with ambitions or goals in life because not all of us have goals in life outside of the basic need to survive. I can’t really count the basic need to survive as a goal in life because instinct drives us to try doing that no matter what. The dreams I speak of are the ones we all have when we sleep. Continue reading

Power to the Wrong People

Don’t you love when the wrong people are allowed to be in positions of power?  You know, idiots and close minded people who are ushered into positions of power at work, at home and in the country you live in. Yes, it’s a fact of life that no matter where you are if you are not the idiot in power then you are probably ruled by one. But what determines one as being qualified for such positions in life? In some cases it’s determined by right of god/birth which I think is complete bullshit. In other cases it’s determined by means of merit.  Do you want to know which one I’m more likely to trust right now? Easily it’s right of god/birthright only because we have a chance to properly groom this leader from the time they are born to be able to properly lead… Sadly that has proven to fail a lot of the time.  Plus, I don’t want to be ruled by some fat monarch. Continue reading