Happy Canada Day people. All around us we’re feeling the patriotic spirit… as most of our core members here @ A-Soul have gone south of the border for the long weekend… Yes, we Canadians have a strong sense of national pride and identity. It really shows when we high tail it down to the American stores on holidays to rob/take advantage of the land of the free/cheap-as-hell in order to benefit ourselves before heading back to our cold, beloved North where we get free health care.

Overall, this is why I love being Canadian. Our government doesn’t pressure loyalty out of us much like the Americans, they don’t give a shit as long as you pay your bills and nobody gets hurt doing it. The next thing I can appreciate about Canada is the fact that the government is always seeming to go that extra mile to make sure we stay healthy.

Yes, sometimes it gets on our nerves that some of the wonderful unhealthy foods from America get turned from our borders but at the same time you have to think of who’s fronting our health care bills. The only time I’ve really frowned on them letting something unhealthy come from the states is when they let in KFC’s Double Down sandwich… that thing was wrong.

The most sickening sandwich in the world. Two pieces of Fried meat covering some cheese and bacon. Simply put...disgusting.
The Double Down

Alas, Canadians were the ones behind ‘Epic Meal Time‘, which is just plain horrific. BUT you have to thank our government for taking care of us because that’s the only bloody way those guys could foot their medical bills in the future. Speaking of ‘Epic Meal Time’… that also reminds me of the one thing I like most about this country: the people.

Canadians are awesome. I’ve been all over America yet I always find the women in Toronto more attractive. I’ve met Americans that think they can party… we’ve proven them wrong. Everyone in the world loves us and our enemies don’t exist for long.

Overall, Canada is awesome and if you don’t like it you can eat a dick!

An incomplete sketch, nothing to call home about

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