Love is a Minefield… in a Volcano

Okay, so here’s day 2 of our daily blog incentive @ A-Soul. Since we can’t think of ideas at a pace that would match our output it’s running a risk of becoming nothing more than an over-hyped sketch blog. Don’t worry, the others will be back soon with actual interesting material. Otherwise, I will now direct your attention to the title of this post

So it’s officially summer as far as the student population goes; you wanna know what happens when bored teens are left to amuse themselves for two months straight? They either begin to fuck each other, fuck shit up, fuck themselves or do nothing cause they don’t give a fuck. In total, lots of fucking. I’m one of those people, though I’m technically not a teen anymore I still have plenty of teen spirit in me. Given that, I tried to get my good ol’ fuckin’ on a few nights ago to only fail. Those of you who know me well can probably guess that the circumstances under which I was trying to get my fuck on were probably (as usual) less than honorable.

This little failed attempt at self-satisfaction led me to the train of thought that gave birth to this post, which is that in the game of romance you’re generally bound to make enemies eventually. Now don’t take this as me condoning less than legal/morally incorrect methods in order to get what you want. While I’m at it, I just want to make clear that I didn’t force myself on anyone or anything like that… Poison don’t roll that way. My timing was off, if you catch my meaning (she has a boyfriend). Anyways, in the game of love, you’re bound to make enemies if you play long enough. Not to say all of you will have to directly confront our enemies but most of us end up picking up a few enemies along the way.

Some of you might be thinking, “that shit only happens to you because you’re always going after what’s not yours”, but as far as I know all humans were free and I have not forced myself on anybody my entire life. It takes two to tango, remember that. Plus even without conducting yourself in my horrible manner you can still make plenty of enemies in the game. Be it an angry ex, the family that dislikes you or your own insecurities… they don’t care. That being said, summer is the romance season and romance is dangerous so a word of advice from Poison… know who you’re fucking with and keep us entertained.

Prithvi on the bus goes round and round

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