A Simple Question About Time Travel

I’ve been watching an anime called “Steins;Gate” of late and I’ve found it to be quite entertaining. Outside of my recent relapse on the drug that is Japanese Animation, I’ve found myself playing with theories of time travel again. This is probably due to the nature of the anime I’m watching. In the series, a group of students manage to successfully send messages/information to the past. I won’t go into tedious details, but it eventually leads them into a butterfly effect scenario where our protag is the only one who remembers changes to the event horizon. Simply entertaining for those of you who like to lightly dabble in theories of time travel.

Now to move onto an unrelated place called Facebook. I was on there when I took notice of a friend’s status where they had posted a question. The question was, “If you could go back in time to your 15/16-year-old self and tell them anything, what would you say?” At this point, I thought of all the film and media that had taught me about the multiple risks of trying to change the past and eventually came to an answer. I would do nothing. Why? That’s because I’m happy with my life as it is right now but I wonder… if my life were not as blessed as it is now, would my choice be the same? If I could pinpoint my misfortunes to one preventable moment in history, would I change/challenge it? Would I be willing to do this knowing that by tampering with time, I may very well cause the universe to unravel on itself? Hell, would I do it just for the sake of science and curiosity? Knowing myself I probably would do it.

But I wanna know, what would you all do in the same position? Entertain me with your thoughts.

A random character for a comic I'm thinking of...

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