Artistic License Testing

I’ll get right to the point: I’ve been busy for the last two days. Other than that, It’s good to be back.

So today’s topic of choice is art and credentials for being an artist. I’ll be quick and get to the point… I dislike when an artist/entertainer becomes famous without proving that they have technical skill beforehand. This situation is commonplace in arts and entertainment. To be a little bit more clear, I mean to say that I hate when people who are actually talentless try to parade around the place as talented artist. The first person I would point my fingers at as an example is Rebecca Black. I’m no musician but I know when someone can’t sing and call me a hater, but that bitch cannot sing. Anyways, enough about her.

Although there are tonnes of people who have become famous for being talentless long before Rebecca Black, these people had the decency to not parade around as artists. Some of you might remember William Huang from American Idol whose singing was so bad that it earned him not only a scathing rejection from all 3 judges, but it also earned him a record deal. You know why his short-lived success doesn’t bother me? It’s because he was decent enough to not pretend to be something he wasn’t.

Now to swing to the other side of the spectrum and point out that I dislike when people downplay great artists/people with actual talent as people without talent. An easy example would be the ignorant masses that say Pablo Picasso had no talent. This is why research is important: know the target before you criticize. This is something I also say to people who say Lady Gaga is talentless. I will admit that her act has some similarities to certain other entertainers but at the same time she made it her own and keeps it entertaining. It’s like when one band does a cover of a song by another band and a lot of people love the cover so much that they forget who did the original. Alas, both songs are good and deserve our love, but we’re going off topic here. The fact is that it takes some talent to be a great artist/entertainer.

The point I really want to bring home here is that all the talented individuals I pointed out here have proven at one time or another that there is some kind of method, training, and calculation behind what seems to be madness at a glance. This is what I seek in a professional: their so-called credentials. Be it a degree or years spent self-learning. I can respect your work once I’m sure of your knowledge of the fundamentals.

Anyways, this little rant will inevitably lead into other discussions about art and how one proves themselves to be an artist/entertainer. All in all… keeps us entertained.

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2 thoughts on “Artistic License Testing

  1. Agreed. I may not appreciate these artists work as it is not my taste, but they do have talent and skill. The people you’ve mentioned above all have ideas, which is the base of an artist and people need that to create something unique. Picasso knew his shit. He chose to bend and twist things as he saw fit. I don’t like Gaga’s music, but I have to respect what she does and how she does it.

  2. I don’t appreciate Gaga as any sort of musician. I might respect her as a performer, kind of how I respect Katty Perry as a performer. But as a musician, no. She can be a cultural phenomenon, a “world-class” performer. But she is not a musician if every single song she (supposedly) writes recycle the same four chords that have been used for the past half-century with little to no variation at all in the song. I’m not denying that she can sing, I just think that in order to be considered a musician you must be able to write something new apart from lyrics. Even in the lyrics she is slightly lacking because she has stolen lyrics from other older artists before, and seriously, “rawr-rawr ra-ah-ah. Rama, ra-ma-ma”? Those aren’t even words! Those are zombie sounds!
    As a performer even, her ideas are sort of lacking considering that Madonna, Cher, MJ, Snoop Dogg, etc… to some extent, did most of the stuff she’s doing right now before Gaga was even born. I think part of the reason why she is enjoying her success is that she appeals to a younger generation that was not there to witness those artists in action. Kind of how our generation was not there to witness Elvis, Van Halen, and other artists because they were before our time. She also just adds the gothic death metal flair in the sense that she incorporates blood and bondage to everything. Whoop-de-freaking-do. Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne did that better than she did.
    I’m sorry, but I feel that it really says something if no music student that I’ve met actually *likes* Lady Gaga’s music.

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