“Theory” of Evolution (for all you dumb shits out there).

Hello everyone! Solstice here, and I’m here to clear the air about one thing, that bugged the hell out of me, when I worked at the Christian tree farm before I got laid off because of various reasons.

Theory” of Evolution.

And because these aren’t regular Christians, they’re Christian twits, they won’t bother to learn the scientific lingo when it comes to discussing scientific findings, and blah.

Fuck, I hated those idiots, and how they wouldn’t listen when I explained to them the following.

Theory” by societal terms basically means a hunch or a guess. Typically, when people say, “I have a theory…” they really mean, “I have an idea/I have this thinking/There’s been this particular pattern that I’ve noticed, but I really have no proof of.”

What the word, “theory” means when scientists use it is that there is an explanation to this phenomenon we observe in nature. Scientists also take it one step one step further and pit this observation and test it out and try to break it down using the scientific method. And before I go back to the word “theory” I believe I might have to explain the scientific method for those of you out there who don’t know it.

What the scientific method basically is, is that there is at least one group where the test is performed on, and one placebo group where they think they are receiving the treatment, but in reality, they are not. For instance, say somebody thought they found a cure for cancer, and it comes in the form of a pill. If it is ethically okay for people to perform the following experiment, scientists will have two groups, one that will have the real cure, and the other group will have a sugar pill. This sugar pill group is often called the placebo group, and the reactions of the tested group will be compared to the placebo group. Depending on a multitude of factors (for example, the speed at which the test group gets better in comparison to the placebo group) it will be deemed whether or not this pill is effective.

I could get more in depth with the entire evolution thing, and explain what is what. But basically know this, “Theory” of Evolution means that yes, we do have scientific support and proof that this shit happened. From what we know, God did not create the world 7000 years ago, because our evidence from carbon dating and what-not says otherwise. We know that the earth is very old, and not new, and it would be impossible to see some of the structures of what we have seen in fossils and other such things if the earth was only 7000 years old. This finding concurs with our other forms of evidence in the field, and it can also relate to other theories and other experiments and findings and what have you.

The way that theories are made though, also lend themselves to being disproved, or “falsified” if new evidence pops up.

So yes, for all of you that are fans of God out there, there is still a possibility of the “Theory of Evolution” being wrong. Just like how scientists were wrong about light in the sense that light is not only a wave, it is also a particle, called a photon. There’s also other theories out there about how light travels (electromagnetic waves, particles, particle-wave theory, quantum theory [which by the way, is one of the trippiest things I have ever encountered], and the theory of relativity) but as a whole, light itself is a fact. The way light gets anywhere, and the observations we see about light and how it interacts with things, that is the theory. Thing is, we can experiment all we’d like, but the bottom line is, we don’t know how light gets anywhere, or why it does what it does, but we have noticed these characteristics about it, and these characteristics coincide with other findings that are performed by other scientists.

Likewise, we know that things evolve. How they evolve and why they evolve, those are the questions that have been plaguing evolutionists for many years. Tentatively right now, we say that natural selection is one of the reasons why evolution occurs. If you want to know what that is, go look it up, but hopefully the lot of you get my point and can save your god-damned faces when talking to people from the science community.

What I’m hoping that any of you will achieve when you come out of this article is that you won’t pull the stupid, “But if it’s just a theory…” shit.

(FYI, Theory of Gravity, Pythagorean Theorem, The Cell Theory, etc…)

Dammit I hate religious fans! Those idiots who fence themselves in and refuse to be a part of society just because society’s religious belief (or lack thereof) does not coincide with theirs. Or the assholes that take a single line from a religious text and blow it out of proportion. But really, how weak are you spiritually that you must fence yourself in to continue believing in God? What I’d like to ask is that, are you really a person of faith if you must seclude yourself from the rest of the world in order to continue believing whatever it is you believe? Like, shit. That seclusion from the rest of society, is by its own definition, a cult. Are you really religious, or just a cult member? Also, if you’re really here to promote peace and understanding as per your religious outlook, why don’t you try to understand all aspects of where the other person is coming from? This goes the same for scientists as well, just because you believe in science because it appeals to your logic, it does not give you the right to say that another person’s religion is bogus just because you chose not to believe in it. To be fair, most faiths don’t adhere to logic, fine, but that does not give you the right to stop understanding the religion itself and to not understand where that person is coming from either. It has to work both ways, and in order for both religion and science can respect each other, the effort to understand the other side must come first.

That is all. Cheers!

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