The Ultimate Pleasure

I think I’ve told you this before but I I’ll tell you this story again.
Once upon a time a friend of mine sent me a text message that said something along the lines of ‘it’s better than sex’ and at that moment I thought about the phrase. Now some of you…no; a lot of you won’t agree with me or have something smartass to say like ‘you just haven’t had good sex yet’ when I tell you that I completely disagree with that statement. My response to my friend was ‘there are better things than sex out there you know’ and thus began our little exchange.  In the end I managed to conclude that all pleasure is derived from the mind thus there are things in this world that can easily top the euphoria that sex delivers but it all depends on the person and their state of mind. I can easily go into detail and give examples to support my case but since there isn’t much of a case here it’s not important.

Now, the reason why I felt the need to share that little story from my life with you was to help you begin to understand my current plight. At the moment, I’ve been art blocked for the last few days. I’ve been drawing and nothing has been coming out right, it’s been a constant mental strain to get myself to make anything go right in my art. Sadly, when you have art block this mental strain to produce work often leads to no results.  Now, for my fellow artists out there you understand what it means to be art blocked. We all deal with it differently but this post is really for the non-artist readers of A-Soul entertainment’s blog.

Art is like sex to me. This is where both my artist and non artist audience gasps in awe and shock.  Alas, this is how I feel. I love art and I intend to spend the rest of life being an artist and being involved in the arts one way or another. If art were a woman I would marry it and lick its dirty rug vagina for all the days of my life just to stay with it and if it didn’t like me…I would rape it. If it were a man…I would be willing to roll that way! Right now, as my current situation stands…I’ve gone from getting tender love and care every single night to being kicked out of the bed onto the floor beside the dog. I didn’t even get the couch!

You know when you have something you take for granted but at the same time you know how important it is, like a cell phone. Have you ever had your phone sent away for repairs and you didn’t get a replacement phone or you got a crappy replacement phone to deal with until your phone is repaired? All of a sudden you begin to really miss your phone only because it’s gone. Yeah…I feel like that right now. But since art is like sex to me, it’s worse because I’m getting blue balled.

Anyways, in this life there are pleasures that exist that surpass the joy of trying to procreate. At least for me there are pleasures that exceed this feelin. Sex is my second vice next to art but since the first is unavailable while the second wastes too much of my time I’ll go to try regaining the first. For now I’ll head to Deviantart and hope that there’s something posted by someone good enough to get a good ol hard on ready for my next assault on art.

Keep us entertained… because I’m not pleased right now.

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