Power to the Wrong People

Don’t you love when the wrong people are allowed to be in positions of power?  You know, idiots and close minded people who are ushered into positions of power at work, at home and in the country you live in. Yes, it’s a fact of life that no matter where you are if you are not the idiot in power then you are probably ruled by one. But what determines one as being qualified for such positions in life? In some cases it’s determined by right of god/birth which I think is complete bullshit. In other cases it’s determined by means of merit.  Do you want to know which one I’m more likely to trust right now? Easily it’s right of god/birthright only because we have a chance to properly groom this leader from the time they are born to be able to properly lead… Sadly that has proven to fail a lot of the time.  Plus, I don’t want to be ruled by some fat monarch.

On the other hand we have something much worse to me…when the table is left open to anyone with some very basic qualifications to be leader. The seat is left open to anyone that is willing and able to take it. Yes…that is when we have idiots rushing to take the seat because they all believe that they can lead.  I dislike this kind of leadership only because anyone with money, power and connections can become a leader.  Alas, I’m not here to rant about the state of the election process, I’m here to talk about a special person running for president of the united states (god I hope I’m wrong). This person simply makes me wonder why they can’t have tighter restrictions on who the hell they allow to run for president of one of the most powerful countries on Earth.

Michele Bachman.

That’s her name. Look her up and check out some of her shit because I don’t know much about her and trust me when I say that CNN is not a credible enough news source for me to even bother to say they’re right.  Before I go into my rant about the possibility of such a person running for President I am willing to say that I may be wrong this time and someone please back me up with research to support what I heard on CNN. So here’s my story…

I was watching Anderson Cooper at my Grandmother’s home when I saw this and decided to sit and watch while eating wonderful grandmothers baked goods. In between my second and third sweet bun I nearly choked when I heard that this woman who apparently runs a clinic that claims to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuality is running for president.  Now, this is America so it doesn’t surprise me that ignorant jackasses are running for president and it would be a long shot before she ever became president. Alas, my question is where the hell did she get enough momentum to be able to even run for president?

Now, America isn’t my country but sadly when America gets hit Canada feels it too. We know that up north we do have our fair share of idiotic people who try to get elected as prime minister but at the same time we know that there are a fair bit of systems in place where they have to climb the ranks before they jump the gun and run for PM. This is how I like to think that Canada has managed to weed out and discourage the idiots from getting too high up in the game. I don’t know much about the U.S electoral process but I do know that in order to run for president you need to have a fair bit of support behind you and with the trash this woman is spouting I only have to wonder what the hell is going on in the heads of Americans.  I mean…there are over 300 million residents in your country, literally 10 times the population of our country yet so many of you like to make stupid choices.

Remember when you elected George.W.Bush as president? We do and we were somewhat alright with it the first time. Remember when you elected him for a second time? We lost all faith in your ability to choose a leader. Remember when you were about to elect Obama? The rest of the world had lost faith in your ability to choose a leader and so we were very loud about who we wanted you to choose. Now look at things, you have health care that you’ll so desperately need when you can’t afford medical bills due to the fact that your last president drained the country to search for a man who was supposedly hiding in some mountains but was really in a cushy mansion. I mean…you can find Saddam in a hole yet you take nearly ten years to find a dirty old man in a mansion?!

Anyways, I fear for America.  Why is it that the last two elections have had the stupidest women possible running for positions of extreme power? First we had Sarah Palin going for vice president but then we get this woman going for the top seat. Heck, I think I would rather have Palin if I had to choose between the two of them… Okay, I lied about that. I would shoot myself first.  Oh well, it’s not my election but I do hope that the country isn’t inherited by a complete buffoon.

Keep me entertained!

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