Only in Dreams

We all have dreams, no matter who we are or how old we are we all will dream of something. Don’t confuse the dreams I speak of with ambitions or goals in life because not all of us have goals in life outside of the basic need to survive. I can’t really count the basic need to survive as a goal in life because instinct drives us to try doing that no matter what. The dreams I speak of are the ones we all have when we sleep.

Most of us can’t remember all of our dreams but when we enter a deep sleep it’s said that we have multiple dreams. So many that we can’t remember them all by the time we wake up. On occasion we have powerful enough dreams that creep to the surface of our sleeping minds to make them known to ourselves. Some schools of psychology believe that through our dreams we can begin to interpret latent psychological issues. I’m not a devout follower of these schools of thought but I do find them interesting. Like most people it’s not often that I can remember all of my dreams but I do try to write them down and interpret them to the best of my ability.

What do I do with the information I divulge from these dreams? I throw them away of course. Why on Earth would I trust my emotion based unconscious mind for advice concerning my life? That would be immature and senseless. The world around me is ruled by logic and nobody cares how I feel about things, it’s all about the greater good and utilitarianism.  Also, what about when the dreams make absolutely no sense at all? I’m talking about dreams that are no longer rooted in reality but are abstract. One should also take into consideration the fact that the human mind, when faced with something that doesn’t make sense, will fill in the gaps and create a sensible solution. Given this, dreams that you claim to remember might not be accurate because your active mind has begun to fix details and holes in the dream to make a senseless chain of events make sense. It is for such reasons that I cannot simply accept dream interpretation as a valid means of psychological evaluation. Alas, I cannot deny that it does feel somewhat good to know about what possibly goes on in the Pandora box buried inside your mind.

In the end, we all have dreams about multiple things we either desire or wish to suppress.  Shakespeare once said that ‘only in dreams will men be free’….If it wasn’t him then I need to go back to reading instead of writing. For me the truth of dreams is that we aren’t really free at all because no matter what happens in a dream the fact is that it’s influenced by reality and the things we interact with around us. If anything, the dreams we have and create are only another thing to bind us to this reality of ours by reminding us of things that are not in this reality or things we might want and need in this reality. When I look at it this way I realize that dreams may be the chains that bond us to this world and life of ours. Still, some schools of psychology also suggest that we’re all masochists on some level so perhaps our constant dreaming of things that are not might be evidence of our love to punish ourselves.

Anyways, share your strange/interesting dreams with me in the comments and I’ll share mine if you want to hear them. Oh yes! I also have a song for you all since it’s been a while and for some reason this inspired the scene I tried to draw out below for you all today. Ronfaure – Final Fantasy XI

Keep us entertained!

One thought on “Only in Dreams

  1. This summer I had a dream that I was a naked man that resembled the 10th Doctor and I could not remember who I was.

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