Equality for Almost All of Us

What is the role of a man in society today? Depending on where you go you’ll find that the role of the male gender is changing to become something more ambiguous. Meanwhile, in other places men hold a more traditional role as provider, protectors and as pillars of strength. Traditionally, in most societies men have all held the role as provider, protectors and pillars of strength thus why the ideal of a man being strong, independent and overall proud has been passed down through generations. Even in societies where gender roles are becoming more ambiguous men are still viewed as ‘strong’ and this kind of thinking has come to work against us.

Due to the societal view of men being strong society tends to throw men to the curb when this ‘strength’ is compromised. This is especially apparent when it comes down to crime and punishment where men are generally viewed as the offenders no matter what yet it takes the most extreme case for society to view them as the victims.  This has been happening for as long as we can remember where men can be victimized yet society refuses to acknowledge them or in some cases even turn them into the aggressor. It is this kind of treatment that forces men to be ‘strong’ even when help is needed.

One example of men being victimized is in Uganda where there are many victims of rape both male and female. On one end we have multiple United Nations aid services ready to help any woman who comes forward and says they were raped. This is wonderful; it’s good to know that the United Nations is helping the women but what about the male victims of rape? In Uganda…they get nothing for their suffering. This is only one example of societal standard practice of leaving men to fend for their own. Rarely are they seen as victims and in cases all over the world where a man is raped by another man or even a woman it’s rarely reported or attended to. It’s this kind of view, men as victims, not being accepted by society at large that forces men to be ‘strong’.

Some of our more ignorant audience members would like to say some horrible things like ‘men deserve it’, ‘you can’t rape a man’ and other things along those lines but I would like to clarify something before we continue…


To continue, society’s prejudiced view of men as offenders happens as an all too common occurrence. Many of the men in the audience will know this story all too well. Have you ever met a girl in a club/bar/party and y’all hit it off? From there you guys went off to someplace to do your thing and one day things go wrong for you to find out that she was under the legal age of consent/majority? Yeah, it’s an all too common story for enough of us men to know and be very afraid of it.  Now why are we the ones afraid? It’s not like we knew that this person was underage when we were doing things with them (hopefully). They looked mature enough as well as the general age of most of the people around being the same/close to yours (hopefully) it seemed like a perfectly safe thing to do. So tell me how is it that the 13 year old girl who uses a fake id to get into a bar, lied to an 18 year old guy and the police about her age and had sexual relations with the 18 year old gets off scot free while the 18 year old who did not know she lied about her age is charged with a felony Here’s the full story (Note: the article contains other, unrelated arrests too.)

Once again, this is yet another case of men not just being denied the victim seat but in this case they are put into the offender seat. It is a rare case that men are often viewed as victims especially in cases where it is a man versus the word of a woman. Now correct me if I am wrong but someone will have to verify this for me. The three hit rule.  I heard about this rule a long time ago that basically states that for a man to be able to righteously hit a woman in ‘self-defense’ she must first hit him three times before he can attack back and have it not be put down as an assault on his part. Now, I know that this little legal loophole would never hold up in court because 8 out of 10 times any guy that hits an unarmed woman for any reason is going to be charged with assault. Hell, I’m barely sure if a man hitting an armed woman would get away with the charge. Now I’m not advocating hitting women but I am saying that I think that the three hit rule is bullshit. If two people are fighting, no matter what their gender, the charges and penalties should not be affected by their gender. Simple as that…yet the law gives a lot of leeway to women in these cases where they are fighting with men.

Alas, society’s refusal to admit that men can be victimized too has led to causing men in other parts of the world to suffer from social anxiety in situations that one would deem unnecessary. An example would be the women only trains in Japan. During rush hours in Japan there are some trains that only permit women on board. When men board these trains they are forced to hold their hands up in the air so that they are visible to all the women on board. For some this habit has extended to them raising their hands whenever a woman boards the train in general out of fear.

In conclusion, this flawed view of men as nigh invincible will eventually come to bite society in the ass. In some cases it’s almost as if society has forgotten that men also have the same basic emotional and psychological needs as women. You prick us, we will bleed etc. etc. It’s only archaic values that cause us to make changes to how we deal with each other that create the unnecessary gaps between the sexes. Looking at things objectively the only real difference between us are a few organs and a Y chromosome. Even then that’s not much of a difference. Anyways, the question we want to really ask is if you think that this is really fair/necessary?

Here’s an extreme scenario for you all to think about- if I, Poison, a somewhat scrawny black man were to be attacked by a heavyweight female body builder and she punched me once…would it be right for me to hit her back like I would a dude in the same situation?

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3 thoughts on “Equality for Almost All of Us

  1. I was not aware of this 3-hit rule. As far as I’m concerned if someone hits you, you hit them back -if it’s an obvious threat- regardless of the gender. It’s fair game if someone hits you first. There are some woman that just THRIVE on playing the victim the same way people find things to trip on in the store. Women are given the “handicap” (if you will) of being the lesser dominant or the weaker and people pity them. This stands more so when the so called “aggressor” is a larger male, but in actuality, as you’ve stated above, it is bull.

    A fair hearing should be held to both of the parties, but the only way I could see this happening is if both parties filed their testimonies anonymously on paper. There are no tears in text. Court chat window. Bam solution. That being said, it is a silly idea and would obviously have it’s own faults as well. But without a name or face, this is the only way I can see something being truly unbiased.

  2. Yes, I do remember having a discussion about that “Expendable” issue sometime this year, probably with Poison. It’s got quite the ways to go.

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