You’ve Been Mistaken

I apologize for my deception but the truth is that I am, first and foremost, a visual artist.  It’s come to my attention that many of you who read here have been led into believing that I’m more of a writer than I am a visual artist. If I may inform you all of the fact that these posts take little of my time in comparison to how much I must spend on my visual pieces then you’ll know that I am not to be mistaken as a writer who ‘likes’ to draw. Writing is the whore I violently release my salted seed onto the face of before I go home to spoil my wife with all kinds of romantic affection in a fashion fitting of true love. Only the untrained eye can say that I love the writing more but the truth is that I care very little for her. Drawing on the other hand…I’m afraid to sully her good reputation by being seen in public with her so I stay here with her and not in the good and proper graces of the galleries.

For today’s post, you get nothing but a nice little blurb about my original character Gaia Kikumai.

Date of birth: May 21, 1988
Parents: Kenji and Victoria Kikumai
Place of birth: Geneva, Switzerland
Height: 5’7
Weight: 135lb
B/W/H- 34, 28, 34
Info: The second born of Identical twins, she shares her birthday with her sister Luna. She has no other siblings. Mother is half Saudi Arabian/half Afro-Italian. Father is half Japanese/ half Korean. She was born in Switzerland due to mother going into labor while on a trip with their father. Mother is a fashion designer predominantly working in New York while Father is head of the Kikumai Corporation based in Tokyo. Both twins were raised together being educated in Tokyo while spending vacations in New York until high school.  Split up from sister during high school when Luna decided to go to school in New York. Both twins were taught multiple martial arts from a young age by Grandmother. Both twins took a liking to dance. She possesses incredible super strength, endurance and stamina. She is very reasonable and organized.  She has excellent listening skills. She is extremely athletic. She is known to be very good at handling children. She dislikes dogs and enjoys mostly house and trance music. She always straightens her hair, rarely is it left to curl naturally. She is trained in classical dance.  Rare facts- it’s been said that she possesses a nipple piercing to be on the opposite side to the one possessed by her twin.

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