The Purpose of Being

This week in my life outside of A-Soul I dealt with the regular list of characters in the play. Among the list of characters would be my loving mother and as I helped her clean the house on Sunday, as I normally do, I mentioned to her that I do not wish to ever have children. By this point in the article you can probably see where I’m going to go here but I’ll say it for the less intelligent bunch. My mother began to question my reasons why and asked me what it is that I plan to do with my life if I don’t plan to ever settle down and have children. She essentially questioned my purpose for being which then brings me to throw the question out to you my adoring audience, what is the purpose for being?

The purpose of being is something that has baffled philosophers, science and other notable intelligent people for ages. Religion says that our purpose is to serve god and do his will. Science says that we are simply here to be small parts in the greater circle of life. Philosophers say all kinds of crazy shit about us and what we’re supposed to do with our lives. The fact remains that nobody has come up with a solid answer as to what our purpose is which means that I am equally qualified as anyone else to determine a purpose for our being. Why am I qualified? Because if nobody can determine why we’re supposed to be here and there really isn’t a right or wrong answer then there’s no harm in my putting my two cents in.

I believe that the purpose of being is to keep you entertained. Yes, that is what I believe the purpose of life is so you can all begin to psychoanalyze me now. I’ve come to this conclusion after cycling through many different philosophies until I reached nihilism. Now, nihilism is too dark a philosophical outlook for me but I can’t deny the truth in it and neither should you. The truth of everything at the end of the day is that all your achievements, all your dreams, everything you ever built or gave birth to will be forgotten someday. You are here now and when you’re gone, even if you have children who remember you and grandchildren, eventually you will be forgotten. Perhaps you can invent something, maybe you can do something so grand for humanity that you’ll be the name textbooks and scholars will know for hundreds of years from now but that still doesn’t mean you won’t be forgotten eventually.

The fact is that time will devour us all and it’s a depressing thing to realize when you’re only 20-something years old. It makes you ask yourself ‘what the fuck is the point?’ and that how I came to my conclusion of keeping myself entertained. I reason it out like this…

If there really isn’t any point to anything I do/achieve in life then what am I doing here? Nothing I guess.

Do I like my life? Yes.

But what is the point of life if everything I do is going to eventually crumble and fade? I guess it’s only to humor myself in the end.

Why? Well, if nothing really matters in the grand scale of things then it means that everything I’m trying to achieve or change in the world is simply done to humor myself. Eventually history will repeat itself and everything I do will be forgotten so what I’m doing right now is just killing time until the inevitable happens.

So what will you do now that you know this? I’ll keep myself entertained until it’s time for me to go. Hell, I’ll turn life itself into something to entertain me; see how long I can beat the grim reaper. At the end of the day I’m simply enjoying life for what it is even if I know that it’s pointless in the end I’m still going to see what I can achieve, see and hold together while I’m alive. As for when I die, I can only hope that it sticks around for a bit but if anything I can leave satisfied in keeping myself entertained with what I’ve done.

All in all people, what do you think the purpose of being is?

Entertain me with your thoughts.

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