“Theory” of Evolution (for all you dumb shits out there).

Hello everyone! Solstice here, and I’m here to clear the air about one thing, that bugged the hell out of me, when I worked at the Christian tree farm before I got laid off because of various reasons.

Theory” of Evolution.

And because these aren’t regular Christians, they’re Christian twits, they won’t bother to learn the scientific lingo when it comes to discussing scientific findings, and blah.

Fuck, I hated those idiots, and how they wouldn’t listen when I explained to them the following. Continue reading

Greeting’s sluts and whores!

Entertain me people! It’s been too long, how have you been?

As usual we have announcements to share with you about our ongoings here at A-Soul Entertainment.

To begin, for the month of July Poison will write a post for every single day. That’s right, every day Poison will have a brand new post for you all to shave off a few dreary minutes from your day and make your otherwise worthless lives complete. Now, most of you are going ‘it’s the bloody fourth of July now…how the hell does that work?’.Trust us, it does work because we can confirm for you that Poison has been writing these posts…he just hasn’t been publishing them. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that soon enough.

In other news, one of our members who you rarely get to hear from has begun his own webcomic. Our boy Rockpopple just started his own brand spanking new webcomic and it’s pretty good thus far. Check it out here!

While we’re promoting members and their work you also need to check out our boy N@T3 and his professional web design services. Like his Facebook page and look out for the site coming soon.

Anyways, people keep us entertained and keep watch later tonight for our posts.

A Simple Question About Time Travel

I’ve been watching an anime called “Steins;Gate” of late and I’ve found it to be quite entertaining. Outside of my recent relapse on the drug that is Japanese Animation, I’ve found myself playing with theories of time travel again. This is probably due to the nature of the anime I’m watching. In the series, a group of students manage to successfully send messages/information to the past. I won’t go into tedious details, but it eventually leads them into a butterfly effect scenario where our protag is the only one who remembers changes to the event horizon. Simply entertaining for those of you who like to lightly dabble in theories of time travel. Continue reading

Love is a Minefield… in a Volcano

Okay, so here’s day 2 of our daily blog incentive @ A-Soul. Since we can’t think of ideas at a pace that would match our output it’s running a risk of becoming nothing more than an over-hyped sketch blog. Don’t worry, the others will be back soon with actual interesting material. Otherwise, I will now direct your attention to the title of this post Continue reading


Happy Canada Day people. All around us we’re feeling the patriotic spirit… as most of our core members here @ A-Soul have gone south of the border for the long weekend… Yes, we Canadians have a strong sense of national pride and identity. It really shows when we high tail it down to the American stores on holidays to rob/take advantage of the land of the free/cheap-as-hell in order to benefit ourselves before heading back to our cold, beloved North where we get free health care. Continue reading