Antagonists with a Perspective

I still have the opportunity to watch cartoons/anime and while watching some older material, I happened to ponder the question “What is this guy fighting for?” I got an answer, “it’s what he believes in, it’s that he has a different perspective than his enemy” however later on I pondered the same question on different material of the same genre and the answer I got this time was “He wants to take over the world” I then had to counter that answer with another question “Where have all the philosophically sound bad guys gone?” This question what pushed me to write this post. Continue reading

A Boy and His Robot

It’s been a while but here I am with a real post this time. Last night I saw an awesome movie, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. I suggest you go and see it now or get it on video whenever the hell it comes out. Otherwise, I’m sure that the more cultured of you in the audience will know what the hell this article is leading up to when I tell you that the movie, being part of that franchise, brought on the typical question that any intelligent lot would ask- What makes one a person? Continue reading