Fan Expo 2011

Alright people so we’re back from Fan Expo and we’ve got a lot of loot to share with you all!

If you saw me there this weekend then you all will know how much we need a camera of our own but for now we’re working on it. Otherwise, we saw some great costumes as well as attending some really informative and interesting panels. We tried to get as much of it as we could for all of you.

Sadly since we’re running out of space for photos here on A-Soul (we’ve got some cleaning up to do) we’re going to have to redirect you all to our Facebook group for the pics. If you look at the top of our page then you’ll see the big blue link for Facebook where you can join us. Either that or we’ll make it monkey easy for you and give you the link here! It should hopefully take you to the Fan Expo album.

As for our video’s we’re working on editing them as we speak so you can keep a close eye on our Youtube channel for when we manage to get those videos up.

Keep us entertained!

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