Fan Expo 2011- Videos

Hey people, how y’all doing? We’ve been entertained thus far.

So it’s been a full week since Fan Expo began and about 4 days since it’s ended and you’ve yet to see any videos of this event from us. Fear not, we have some videos ready and uploaded for you all. Sadly, it’s not all of the video we wanted to give you.The reason why we can’t have all the videos uploaded for you is because we have lives to live and it takes about 5 hours of editing to deal with each day’s footage. This is all before we slowly upload them to Youtube. Don’t worry simply because it takes forever and a day to upload all of the video does not mean that we aren’t going to do it anyways. You’re all just going to have to be good and wait a little bit before you get it so we don’t want any complaints from you all.

For tonight we have some footage from day 1 of the Expo! Continue reading