The Life and Times of Whitney Houston….. Why do I care?

In all seriousness, have you ever heard they saying “There’s two sides to a coin”, if you haven’t now you’ve heard it. This saying can be applied to the late Whitney Houston, because as much as there was the great singer, the artist, the voice; there was also the person, the regular folk like one of us. And regular she became eventually letting her fame get to her 25 years in the spotlight will do that to some), and as sad and cruel as the next statement may seem, please try and take this the right way; It was better she passed now at the low point she was at, than try to get up only to fall further, disgraced more and to be remembered by even less.

But back to the premise of this post, why do I care? As a person I cared when she made good music but other than that realistically I couldn’t care less, I didn’t read the tabloids about her, didn’t look on the internet for her and I didn’t watch the memorial service. No disrespect to the ability or of the career but before she died no one cared, and don’t lie to yourself, and don’t mistake pity for care.

It is sad to see someone with a great career fall so far; and thus with cruel irony I leave you with this:


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