Comic Book May-hem with Metal Gear

Entertain us people!

We’re back for yet another month with you all and we’ve got more announcements than you need to know about. You know what? As a matter of fact, we wont bother to tell you about all the shit we’re going to be doing this month. You can sit back and watch us do it EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. Yeah, you heard it right, WE’RE DOING A POST FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THE MONTH OF MAY.  The theme for this month is comic books, art , video games and animation. Yes, if you’ve been with us before then you would know that we do this every single May and end with a lovely trip to Anime North.  Now that you’re updated on the situation here at A-Soul you can keep scrolling down the page to get to our newest real post.

First off, today’s post is a special joint post by Lionel Heart, Cronus and Poison Apple! Feel special knowing that all 3 of us have decided to address you mongrels at once.

As we’re all somewhat sure of here at A-Soul, most of you who read this blog will know or have heard of the great videogame series that is known as ‘Metal Gear’. If you haven’t watched, heard of, or even had the chance to culture yourself with the greatness of this game then know that we have lost all faith in you as a human being. Alas, the great ones here at A-Soul are here to culture the masses and entertain the more intelligent of you who have had the chance to partake in this series.

To begin, the Metal Gear Solid series is riddled with characters that all have multiple motivating factors that push them forward in the story. Alas, where most of them start out somewhat sane in the beginning, like any good story, by the end the characters are all well decimated psychologically and most of them need to be institutionalized in some way. In today’s post we’re going to talk about this wonderful cast of characters and where they began in comparison to where they ended the series psychologically.

Solid Snake

-In the first game he was a battle hardened individual who had seen a lot of action in a lot of places. Overall he was the result of a successful child soldier who had become disillusioned by war. Having had to kill his mentor and his best friend, Snake has isolated himself in the quiet life awaiting a dog musher in Alaska. At the beginning of the first game he was pulled out of retirement to take care of an issue in Alaska that would be the start of his psychological downfall. Over the course of his mission, he watched two VIPs he was supposed to rescue die in his presence, watch his war buddy’s niece be mind controlled, held hostage, and then shot and held hostage some more! He was then subject to torture, found and fought his best friend who he thought was dead, and by his own hand. He found out he and the leader of the enemies are clones, and that the man who they were cloned from was his mentor, who had turned traitor and he had to kill himself. Having eventually killed his twin brother, he rides off into the sunrise towards a hopeful future.

At this point, Snake has been through quite the emotional roller coaster, but remains grounded in his identity as a person. He understands that he is in for more hardships, but still remains positive about life and himself.

– In the second game Snake returns as part of Philanthropy:  a non-profit group he and Otacon developed in order to inform the world of other ‘Metal Gears’. Having followed an anonymous tip from one ‘E.E.’, Snake finds himself on a Marine Corps tanker carrying an ‘Anti-Metal Gear’ known as RAY. From there, he is wrapped up in a Russian takeover of the ship which is further convoluted by Ocelot’s backstabbing of the Gurlukovich faction. He is almost drowned and then goes down as a war criminal in the cover-story of what occurred that evening.

-In Metal Gear Solid 4, he carries the whole “Old Soldier” persona with him, right down to his very last breath, where he tries to commit suicide

Prognosis: Identity Crisis

Roy Campbell

-He had an affair with his brother’s wife, who eventually gives him a daughter, who Campbell plays off as his niece for the longest time and he feels much of the guilt from it

-Then when he worked again with Solid Snake in the Shadow Moses Incident, he was forced to make Snake cooperate and have him follow his own orders all while keeping various government truths from him

-In MGS4 he tries to patch up his relationship with his daughter, although being in a faux marriage with a woman approximately the same age doesn’t help his cause. He brings a dying Solid Snake out of retirement again, this time without withholding information.

Prognosis: Needs to get his life together one step at a time

Dr. Naomi Hunter

-Orphaned early on by Frank Jaeger, only to be taken in by him. Raised by him and Big Boss, she would lose her only family to the hands of Solid Snake, thus her conquest for revenge would begin. Finding her brother in a genome experimentation lab, would lead to her first diabolical kill in her quest for revenge. She would go on to alter FOXDIE’s programming to kill Solid Snake as well as the rest of the targets it was set out to kill

-In MGS 4, Dr. Hunter now sets out on a mission of redemption for the sins of her actions and creations. Her final act of redemption posthumously she would free the world from its information controlled prison.

Prognosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Meryl Silverburgh

-Meryl joins Next-Generation Special Forces as a means to connect with the man she believes to be her father, who was a soldier. She is attracted to Solid Snake, a soldier, for possibly the same reason.

-In MGS4 she still maintains some feelings, for Solid Snake. Eventually she falls in love with another soldier, Johnny Akiba, whom she marries.

Prognosis: Elektra Complex

Mei Ling

A Chinese-American data analyst who was on Solid Snake’s support team during the Shadow Moses Incident. Nine years later, she became the captain of the USS Missouri, which was re-instated into active duty as a training vessel after several years on display in a museum.She has a great love for and superb knowledge of literature and she likes to use famous quotes for giving advice and motivational support.

Prognosis: … she’s actually normal.

Vulcan Raven

–  The Alaskan giant who loves to fight. Carries around a 20mm Vulcan Rifle with enough ammo to take down an army, he speaks very cryptically usually using Alaskan proverbs or stories to convey his message. Seems to lack all sense of pain of any kind, died in a battle with Solid Snake in an industrial freezer, body was consumed by ravens before he passed on, spoke to Snake cryptically while being eaten alive.

Prognosis: Pain disorder

Liquid Snake

– One of the twin clone sons of Big Boss. Liquid was led to believe that he was created in order to express Big Boss’s “recessive genetic traits,” and as such, was inferior to Solid Snake. Because of this, he held a strong resentment towards his twin brother, who supposedly expressed “superior” genes, and wished to defeat him in combat, reclaiming what he felt was his birthright, and thus proving his superiority. After Solid Snake “killed” Big Boss in Zanzibar Land, Liquid’s hatred for Snake grew even more, since he had been denied the chance to exact his own revenge, due to his belief that Big Boss had undergone the Les Enfants Terribles project willingly, and “chose” Liquid to be the “inferior” clone. Calling themselves the Sons of Big Boss, Liquid led FOXHOUND and the NGSP stationed at Shadow Moses, took DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker as hostages, and threatened the White House with a nuclear strike unless Liquid’s demand was met: the body of Big Boss. During this incident in MGS, he fought against his Solid Snake during the uprising, where he was subsequently defeated by his “superior” brother.

Prognosis: Inferiority Complex

Sniper Wolf

– Native of southern Kurdistan; she was born and raised in the middle of a violent guerrilla conflict surrounded by gunfire, sirens, and screams.Constantly hunted and always had to move from one shelter to another on a regular basis. Often awoke to find friends and family dead beside her. The international community did nothing to help her or stop the fighting, which made her hate the political world.

She eventually met Big Boss, who saw great potential and talent within her as a sniper. Big Boss brought the young Sniper Wolf to the United States. Wolf eventually came to look up to Big Boss, whom she called “Saladin.”

Wolf then became a lone sniper, so she could watch and wait, and see war from the outside rather than from the inside. After the “death” of Big Boss, Sniper Wolf was later recruited into FOXHOUND, to get her revenge on the world.

Prognosis: Misanthropy and obsession with death.

Decoy Octopus

– A master of disguise, he would alter his appearance and voice to perfectly match that of his subject. His disguises were so thorough, Octopus would go as far as to take in the blood of the subject he was copying. He was recruited by the CIA for his exceptional skills in mimicry, where he was assigned to impersonate government VIPs on top secret missions, and requested that the military to give him a full mental deprogramming after missions to avoid becoming mentally confused about his identity. He later left the CIA to join the FOXHOUND unit.

Prognosis: Were it not for requested deprogramming, Identity Crisis. Possible Multiple Identity Disorder

Grey Fox

-A child soldier who was experimented on thoroughly through hypnosis, he eventually becomes Big Boss’ protégé. Kills Naomi Hunter’s parents but doesn’t have it in him to kill her and adopts her instead.

-After his second battle with Solid Snake he was a corpse revived by Dr. Clark only to be experimented on again, both physically and mentally, creating multiple personas. After being incased in a metal exoskeleton he was “…neither truly alive, nor truly dead, an undying shadow, in a world of lights…”

-He identifies himself with different names in varying situations: Grey Fox, Frank Jaeger and Deepthroat. At one point he assumes he has no name

-He gets thrown into random fits of rage because of all the drugs used on him

Prognosis: Delirium, Schizophrenia

Hal Emmerich

– Being born into a family “cursed” by nuclear weapons, Hal is already plagued by the pressure of two generations of Emmerich men being associated with nuclear development and wants to break out of it.
When he was a young teenager, he was seduced by his step-mother, Julia, and was thus trapped in an affair with her. When his father learned of it, he committed suicide by drowning in their pool and dragged Hal’s step-sister Emma into it. Emma thought that he would save her, but he did not know as he was with Julia at the time. Holding immense guilt over his father’s death and Emma’s near-drowning, Hal left home and isolated himself from his family for many years, only keeping in contact with Julia via letters, through which he learned of Emma’s extreme aquaphobia.

-In MGS, Hal, hired by ArmsTech, became the lead engineer for the Metal Gear REX project. He jumped at the chance to make an actual mech-type robot, which appear frequently in the anime he enjoyed. He was led to believe that REX was a mobile defense system, but in reality it was a nuclear doomsday weapon. Having had his life’s work turned into his worst nightmare, he once more felt trapped under the weight of his family’s ‘curse’, but after meeting Solid Snake, he regained a new purpose in life. Taking up the handle ‘Otacon’, Hal then set forth to right his inadvertent wrongs and began helping Snake rid the world of Metal Gear. Though he would face heartbreak when his timid crush on Sniper Wolf would end with her death, he found solace in his purpose of helping Snake.

-In MGS2, his past returns to haunt him as he receives an anonymous tip from one “E.E.”. Believing that it was from Emma, he turned a blind eye to the major possibility of it being a trap and allowed Snake to enter a very dangerous situation. Though he realised his error, it was too late as the Tanker incident had been well under way. Later, during the Big Shell incident, he finally saw his younger sister after many years; however, she was killed during the incident by Vamp. Being crushed by his guilt once more, and hearing Emma’s many words about him echoed by her pet bird, Otacon grieved at all that had come to pass.

-In MGS4, Otacon finds himself at a loss in being the guardian of Olga Gurlukovich’s daughter, Sunny, while also helping Snake, now a bitter old man, through everyday life when they are once more called back into action. During the game, they once more come in contact with Naomi Hunter who, in interacting with Sunny, slowly seduces him in order to use him for her own goals. Otacon, now having been seduced again, feels both betrayed and worthless once more. By the game’s end, Otacon has witnessed the end of both The Patriots’ System and the last of Ocelot and Outer Haven, but they do little to console him. Though Sunny’s own growth does bring him some solace, he is still haunted by the fact that the change was brought about by Naomi, and so he is still both confused and embittered by her meddling



-The prototypical child soldier, raised by Solidus Snake, knew nothing but the battlefield and would show no progress towards changing that.

– In MGS2, Raiden is the main character; throughout the game the Raiden character grows, he begins questioning a lot of things, he loses that child soldier mentality “shoot first, never ask questions”, eventually evolving into something more than just a mere soldier on the battlefield. Wanting more than just a battlefield he begins to roam the world in search of a real identity.

-In MGS4, he fully immerses himself in the Raiden persona, going as far as saying “Jack is no more. There is only Raiden” Even at the end of the game he cannot truly accept the Jack persona, and only believes in Raiden.

Prognosis: Schizophrenia


–          As the information specialist in MGS2 she doesn’t really have a lot of character development on screen, only in her codec interactions with Raiden. She supports Raiden as his girlfriend, but her insight into him as revealed later is miniscule, viewing things for face value. Sometime after MGS2 she leaves Raiden.

–          In MGS4, Rose is part of Solid Snake’s support staff, as a psychiatric advisor.

Prognosis: Inferiority Complex


– He always assumed he was the perfect clone of Big Boss. Under the name George Sears he was President of the U.S.A. until he was impeached because of the Shadow Moses incident. Even when ousted as president he needed to assume some form of control or be in a role of control. Causing him to lead a counter-attack on the “Patriots” who ousted him and wanted him dead.

Prognosis: Delusional


-A “Romanian Wizard with knives”, quoting Solid Snake, who loves pain and loves to inflict it even more. Survived a church explosion, and subsequent cave-in, by feeding of the blood of the dead bodies around him in the aftermath. He seemingly could not die until it was revealed he had super generating nanomachines.

Prognosis: Delusional, thinks he’s a vampire


-Plays the crying maiden, loves the spot light, and believes her “fortune” to not die is a curse to not join her loved ones who have perished in battle. Her hate for Solid Snake stems from the idea he killed her father, and uses that as a crutch. Died creating a supernatural event.

Prognosis: Narcissist, extremely self-absorbed even in death


-Loves explosives and explosions. Lives and dies by the creed “Laugh and grow fat!” Died trying to blow up the “Big Shell”.

Prognosis: Psychotic

Olga Gurlokovich

-Soldier under the employ of her father, eventually gets pregnant, has to turn her child over to the authorities due to being part of an illegal Russia Military Outfit. She becomes an agent for the “Patriots” and eventually dies, so Raiden can complete his mission and her child can be safe. Loves all forms of weaponry

Prognosis: Psychologically unstable

Emma Emmerich

-Her fear of water renders her useless beyond belief; her hate for her brother stems from the notion the he is the cause of her father’s death; also a closet pervert, also has dramatic shifts in personality. Died trying to put a virus into the Metal Gear Arsenal A.I.

Prognosis: Possibly Bi-Polar due to dramatic shifts in personality


Holy crap. What a bag of nut-jobs. Now we’d like to continue, we really would, but this is only half of our crazy cast of kooks. We’ll follow up with the messed-up major casts of the second half of the Metal Gear series real soon.

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