New Project in the works

Hey people, its Poison here with your daily update.

Nothing useful to say for today other than we have a new project in the works that will bring about alot of changes. Dont worry, it wont be like our changes in the past that were sudden and painful for some but I can guarantee that its going to be good. It involves the formation of a brand spanking new blog, merchandise and the addition of new faces to the crew. Yes, we can guarantee that this change is going to be glorious.

Other than me coming here to wave my cock in your face, I also have the theme song for this month that has absolutely nothing to do with the theme this month. Damn you Gotye for getting stuck in my head, … NOW YOU ALL SUFFER.

More updates on the situation tomorrow, be sure that by the end of the week the new blog will launch so keep a good lookout on the various media outlets we pollute. Heck, we might even have a party to celebrate the fact that we will now have merchandise to sell.

Keep us entertained.

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