Gundam Series Mobile Suits as Cars/Trucks!

How this post came about is a weird story; on the way back from lunch this week the members of A-Soul were discussing various Gundams, their respective series and various types of mobile suits and their characteristics when we started to compare them to vehicles, and the conversation was very debated on why a certain vehicle matched up with a certain mobile suit, thus I decided to give the audience a post on what started out as A-Soul vehicle banter. Some of pairs will have an explanation.

Zaku – Toyota Corolla; This is pretty simple, the Zaku is the average mobile suit, its lasting features, its originality, it’s your base model mobile suit, exact reason it was paired with the epitome of base model car, the Corolla.

Gouf – Toyota Camry; The Gouf is a slightly upgraded Zaku and that is how it was paired with the Camry.

The Ball – Honda Civic; The Ball was nicknamed “The Steel Coffin” because it was a small, useless mobile suit, you piloted one of the to say you piloted a mobile suit; that is why it was paired wit the Civic.

Gundam – Toyota Avalon

Big Zam – Hummer II

Gundam Mk-II – Lexus LS

Zeta Gundam – Lexus GS

Hyaku Shiki – Rolls Royce; The Hyaku Shiki was a completely gaudy mobile suit and any Rolls Royce is gaudy to say the least

Psycho Gundam – 18 wheeler; The Psycho Gundam was HUGE and could physically dominate any mobile and run it into the ground

The O – Hummer; The O was big, bulky and hideous the same can be said about the Hummer

Sazabi –Bentley

Unicorn Gundam – Hyundia Genesis; This pair was chosen for their deception, in Unicorn mode it doesn’t look like a Gundam but when it gets into Destroy mode… The Genesis looks like a flashy luxury vehicle, but that thing can pack some power.

Master Gundam –Infiniti G Series

Gundam Spiegel – BMW 7 Series; Gundam Speigel and the 7 Series are both amazing representations of German engineering

Wing Gundam – Lamborghini Murcielago

Deathscythe – BMW 1 Series; This stealthy, sleek package

Wing Zero – Lamborghini Aventador; The right balance of speed and power that’s more likely to kill you than damage the vehicle

Tallgeese – Mercedes G Class; the bulky predecessor to success both the G Class and Talgeese represent this idea

Gundam Epyon – Mercedes SLK Class

Freedom – Mercedes SLS AMG Class; Luxury look and feel, lots of speed, the same can be said about Freedom Gundam

Justice – Mercedes CLS Class

Gundam Exia – Nissan Leaf; Pretty much all the Gundams from the Gundam 00 series were paired with some hybrid or in the case of 00 a futuristic concept car

00 Gundam – BMW i8

Cherudim – Ford Focus Hybrid

Arios – Nissan Altima Hybrid

Seravee – Toyota Camry Hybrid

Feel the Mobile suits weren’t paired up correctly? Want to add to the list? Leave a comment!

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