Updates on the new project

Alright people, so we apologize for being away for the past little bit but our crew is working hard to make sure that you all are being entertained. As ambitious a promise as it was to try to update everyday for the next month you can be sure that realistically we all have lives with paying jobs and such to maintain. Aside from the boring drivel about our personal lives I have come to you with an update on our new pet project and what will come of it.

1) Merhandise

Yes, we are finally opening up shop and starting to sell our own merchandise. Everything from original prints and T-shirts to simple commissions will be available at launch for you to grab. We want your money; lets not tell lies. We have ways of getting your money from you and trust me when I say we at A-Soul are not beyond foul play in order to get what we want.

2)New Artists and artwork

Now, you all see the talented artists on our Talented Artists page? Well you can be sure that most of them do not work for or with us on anything. That sucks. It sucks balls. Well this new project will bring us not only new art but it will also bring us artists. The new artists we have lined up, along with myself, will be showcasing a shitload of new artwork. Sadly, you dont get a peepshow of the new stuff yet 😉

3) When the hell is this happening?

12:00 am, Friday May 12th, 2012. It all goes down here, on Artist Soul Entertainment.

Otherwise, I wanna thank Lionel for a great post on Gundam cars. Look forward to another post by Cronus soon enough as well as a joint post by all of us together soon enough.

Keep us entertained.

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