Toronto Fan Expo 2012

Alright people, it’s been a while but we’re back in action here at Fan Expo 2012. How y’all doing?
So before you all come here asking and wondering ‘where the hell are the pictures that creeper guy took of me!?’ I’ll show you where to look.

If you really just want the pictures and that’s all then you can look at the direct link to the album ‘here’

There! You can find all the pictures AND videos you need right there. We would post them up here on the main site but since we’re running short on storage space we need to either upgrade or start deleting some old stuff. Both of these things require time and money. If it’s not obvious to you that we have neither of these things, note our lack of updates for the past few months, then you’re probably a jackass. All in all…

Keep us entertained!