Booth A92! Toronto Comicon March 9-10th 2013!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all and come out to the first ever Artist Soul Entertainment art sale!

Yes, boys and girls it’s finally happening after all these years we finally have a table at a convention in Toronto in less than one month time from now. It may be a surprise to you all but the truth is that it’s happening. So here are the details of it!

If you look at the title of the post you will find all the information you need. Our booth number, the name of the convention and the date of the convention. Oh yes! we cant forget to give you a link to the convention website. Be there and give us your money! 

What can we promise you? We can promise you that the art will be top quality but what the hell is the point in me telling you that the art is going to be good when I can show you the level of work we plan to EXCEED! Yes, I said it. We plan to EXCEED  and OUTDO ourselves at this show and give you our super-saiyan-goku-meets-freiza-namek-one-handed-kamehameha-wave-ya-muthafuckin-hands-in-the-air-best!

The featured artists at this table will be my boys


And finally… Myself! I will be presenting four pieces of fan art for this convention as well as one original piece to unveil on the weekend of the convention.

All in all, hope you like what you see and remember…

Keep us entertained!

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