About that vegan diet…

You know what I’ve become tired of? I’ve become a bit tired of seeing these videos floating around the place about how people need to adopt a ‘vegan’ diet because the animals are mistreated. Newsflash- THEY ARE FOOD. One way or another they’ll make it to the table and people will keep consuming meat. How the meat gets to the table is no matter because nature is cruel. Yes, being human does not exempt us from the laws of nature. There are many animals that will go and eat their prey while it still kicks and squeals for it’s life, so why do people feel the need to try to scare us out of eating meat when we know that no matter what the result will be cruel.

To begin, first of all I want you all to know that I have been a vegetarian for years now. Almost or about 10 years now is how long I’ve been doing it. Yes, surprised? Shocked?! ‘How can another vegetarian say such horrible things?!’ This is because I like to try thinking with my head and as well as my heart. To clarify, I am not a ‘vegan’ so I still am willing to drink regular cow milk and I eat cheese and a bunch of shit that right and proper vegans would scoff at me for.  So lets begin the post with a little video I saw on Facebook

Wonderful right? All those poor little animals being tortured and abused by the mean ol humans. It’s horrible I admit but let me give you all some of my reasons why you should not use this or other videos like this as a reason to rally behind for the cause of becoming vegan. I’ll be going through the video piece by piece and giving you all my arguments for why I dont think it’s as bad as they make it look.

1) Pork

(0:32) So at this point in the video you hear the narrator mention that some of the mother sow’s develop sores on their skin due to unsanitary conditions in the factories. Now my faith in humanity may be low but my common sense would think that the owners of a farm or facility that needs to take care of these creatures for the purpose of human consumption and sale would have their facilities regularly inspected. Now, if that is not the case then my next argument would be that the animals in these facilities are assets to the owners correct? If one of the pigs gets sick then what happens if the sickness happens to pass on to the others? This could harm your assets and now sick animals are a major liability. what does this mean? It means that most likely the owners would want to make sure that the assets cannot and are not in harms way. It costs money to maintain a large meat facility and that means that if the meat is tainted in some way then it’s a big problem for those who own the facility. If this isn’t a problem for the people who own the facility then the meat is probably of extremely low grade. The solution to this- avoid buying low grade meat or have hope that the majority of facilities are inspected and kept to a standard where the slaughter machine can run smoothly. Smoothly meaning that the meat does not look diseased or tainted.

(0:37) At this point the narrator moves on to talk about piglets being castrated. Horrible as this sounds, it makes sense to me. The pigs are for consumption and therefore they do not need genitals since they are never going to mate. I do have a heart however and I will say that the method under which these castrations are preformed is quite crude. If it were done properly it could not only minimalize the damage to the animal/asset but overall increase profit due to the fact that less meat would go to waste.

(1:23) A factory farm in Ohio where the narrator claims that injured pigs are hoisted up on a forklift to hang by the neck until dead. This is supposedly defended by the pork industry. I would vote to say that this method is highly inefficient due to the fact that the meat will be ruined if you cause the animal undue stress. It causes the animal to create adrenaline which gets released into the blood stream and makes the muscles tense up. Animals with tense muscles make for bad cuts of meat and bad cuts of meat are usually found in the low grade section of your grocery store. You getting the idea here?

From this point it’s all about the killing process and that’s pretty typical of any slaughterhouse. The picture may be brutal but it’s what’s necessary in order for meat to get to your plate. Knock them out, slit the throat, hang them upside down to let the blood drain out, wash them,  skin em and chop em up. Sometimes the knock out process gets botched but other than the occasional botched execution everything works like clockwork.

2) Eggs

(2:30) Baby chicks being sorted out as male and female. So the issue presented at this point is that since Male chicks dont grow quickly enough and dont lay eggs they are quickly disposed of right after birth. Now think about this- If we dont kill the males then what would we do with them? Have them grow up and go into cock fights? No, thats just as bad as killing them. I agree with the plan to dispose of them since the population of chickens would farther outnumber us humans to a level where they multiply faster than we can eat or control. The disposal method, a bit unorthodox seeming but at the same time we are given little choice on what to do about it if we want chicken. The other solution to this is to buy organic eggs that are cruelty free.

Anyways… I’m not going to go farther into the video and I’ll make my point here. p

Meat is always going to be consumed by humans no matter what we do but that does not mean that we have to treat the animals badly in order for it to be done. Videos like the one I have shown always seem to forget this fact and concentrate on the bad over the good. They always jump to the most extreme solution of ‘become vegan’ and make it look so frickin easy but it’s not. It really isn’t… They feign to mention all the supplements you’ll have to take in order to make up for the loss of vital vitamins and minerals that you generally get from meat. These videos feign to mention how fucking expensive it is to be able to buy all the fresh vitamin rich fruits and vegetables you need in order to get your diet in order as well as the sometimes large  quantity of each fruit or veggie you’ll have to eat to replace the nutritional value of one meat product. There’s the other solution of buying organic and cruelty free but that is a challenge  too since organic and cruelty free shops are unavailable to people in non urbanized areas. There’s also the price to consider, it’s always a little bit more expensive to go out and buy a piece of meat with the nice ‘organic’ stamp on it along with the ‘cruelty free’ bit. Society does not make it easy to be healthy yet we are pushed to be better.

So what is my solution to this issue? Simple- you buy the best you can afford. If the best you can afford is the meat that had a third eye growing out of it’s esophagus then so be it. If you can afford to humanely euthanize every piece of meat you eat then so be it. The fact is that you do the best you can do but dont hurt yourself about it because in the end they’re all gonna get eaten anyways so why care so much about how the food got to your plate and concern yourself more with this question- does it taste good?

Keep us entertained!

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