Day 1 of Toronto Comicon

Wassup people! Welcome to the Artist Soul Entertainment base of operations. I’m the director of operations here, Poison Apple and hopefully you all managed to come out to the show this weekend.

First off, before anything, entertain yourselves with the lovely art of my partners in this operation- Mr. Kevin Agoncillo and Mr. Allen Ribo. Both of whom you can meet if you happen to pass by our booth which is number A92 in the listings.  Keep checking the page here for updates on whats happening with us at the con and we do hope to see you all out there!

Second of all, here are the pictures and videos from today that I managed to get my hands on while behind the table. I apologize for the quality of the pictures since I was only using my cell phone but in my defence I will say that we’ve had worse equipment over the years and this is a notable improvement. Here’s the gallery for those of you who want to look…

On my lunch break I also managed to get a nice video of some awesome cosplayers here.

Finally, I have now up on my deviantart the pieces that I have for sale this weekend at the show! Now I sleep for a very long time… Peace!

Keep us entertained!… For now 🙂

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