Day 2 of Toronto Comicon!

Hey people, wassup! Hopefully the weekend went well for you all because it went well for us here at A-Soul.

First off, I want to thank the people who came out and saw us there. It’s great to know that you all support us so well and we do hope to see you all at some more conventions over the year. We may be coming out to Anime North this year and you definitely will be seeing us at Fan Expo this year in full force so be sure to look out for us at both of those events. We also will be showing up at a few more events if we catch wind of them and happen to have the time to be there so be sure to keep us entertained!

Second of all, we have the pictures and some video from day 2 of Toronto Comicon. I apologize for the lateness in my placing them up. I’ve been quite busy trying to get the rest of my life in order but here is not the place to gripe about my personal life- this isn’t one of those blogs. All in all, here are the pics from day 2 and great job to all of you who came out and cosplayed! It takes alot of guts to go out and put a costume on in front of all of those people who will then spam the internet with pictures of you. Just remember that the people who talk shit about your cosplay either have never cosplayed before or are just jealous that they can’t rock it as hard as you do. Haters gonna hate!

Also, a video of the Dalek! Sorry for the camera work, I was holding my cell in the wrong orientation due to my awe in presence of the awesome :3

All in all, remember…

Keep us entertained! Peace!

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