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Wassup people!
So it’s 9am where I am now and since most of you dont know me all too well I’ll inform you of the fact that I am absolutely not a morning person. Alas, I wont go into my morning woes and i’ll get right to the point of this article. The point of this is to inform you all of reading material some of us here (mostly myself) at A-Soul find worth reading. This isn’t a book review but an attempt to promote the works of authors we find interesting. This week we’re kicking off this new segment with a lovely little Korean manga or ‘Manwha’ that I have fallen in love with called ‘Girls of the Wilds’.

Honestly, let me tell you why I enjoy this story. I enjoy it simply for the art. It’s clean, the colours are nice and the backgrounds are solid. Yes, I know that any old comic could do the same but dammit it looks gorgeous compared to most manga type illustrations I have seen. I wont lie to you, if you’re looking for a good story then this is not the place to look. Mind you, the great art manages to make up for what the story lacks. Let me give you a quick synopsis of the story so you can cross reference it to many of the classic anime you may or may not have seen.

You take one boy, he’s poor as dirt and has to raise his two younger siblings by himself because his parents ran out one day. Sad? Yes it is but you don’t really feel for the character much since the story doesn’t really dive into that territory. He starts high school at a supposedly nice private school without having to pay tuition but then there’s a catch… The school he gets enrolled to is an all girls high school (typical) where they all specialize in some kind of martial art (typical) and they’re all preparing for some kind of super tournament of some sort (typical). Since he’s the only male student in the school for some special reason, the principal declares that extra credit is given to those who prove to have a close relationship with him but thankfully this is not explored or pressed upon as much more than a small gag.

What makes this different from other manga with this somewhat traditional harem formula is that this harem does not have the classic fan service filled gag service that other manga in this strain has. The female characters are all well represented and quite strong while the male character is not made to suffer due to his female counterparts but his own life seems to be against him. His daily struggles are the main focus of the manga and how these women get involved in his life is also a major part of the story. At one point they even help him to learn how to fight in order to be able to take on a bully from his middle school.

Overall, there isn’t much to this manwha other than pretty art and a fairly alright story. It’s not the best thing in the world but it is worth looking at since it’s different stylistically from other run of the mill manga that move on this basic formula. Expect lots of action and for it to be visually entertaining. Now…let me end with a link to a place with better information on this series  as well as some fanart by little ol me to entertain you with!

Keep us entertained!



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