Tell it like it is! Rape culture, the media and this weeks latest social network buzz.

Entertain me people because I am NOT entertained. 

Would you like to know why? This is because of this weeks latest social media sensation. The ruling in the case of 2 football players who were charged with rape in Ohio. Now, my Facebook feed has been exploding with people complaining about how CNN and many other news networks in the states were basically placing all the blame for this event on the victim and not the offenders. Alas, this will be a short and sweet post for me to vent about what i’ve seen surrounding this case. Lets start with the lovely statement from CNN about the trial and the end result where justice was served.

1) I am biased. Yes, I have no sympathy for so-called jocks. I went to a high school, like most people, and the truth is that most high schools have a tendency to over-celebrate the achievements of athletes. Some of these gifted people are given ‘privilege’s’ that are rather excessive and some/most places wont admit to doing. For these reasons is why I say they deserve no mercy for what they did. I know for a fact that at 16 years old it’s common sense to not go around posting pictures of people naked on the internet without their permission. Shit, they watch television, they go online, THEY FUCKING KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING WAS WRONG.

2) Having gone to a high school, I also learned that rape is when you have/attempt to have sex with a person who is otherwise unable or unwilling to consent to sex with you. This also includes when the person in question is beyond the ability to make sound judgment. That means that if you have had sex with a person who was drunk, drugged or otherwise not rational in some way due to intoxication of some sort, dont be surprised if they call you out on rape.   You know when I learned this? In 9th grade when I was 14. WE LEARNED THIS WHEN I WAS IN 9TH GRADE, STARTING HIGH SCHOOL AT THE AGE OF 14. These two individuals were 16 and if they were old enough to go out to smoke, drink and fuck then they shouldn’t be crying when they get punished like adults for doing adult things.

Overall, my biggest issue here is not the verdict but it’s the fact that this trial had to get so much coverage and the fact that many major media sources paint out these two idiotic teenagers to be so bloody innocent. Talking about ‘promising futures’ and the like. You see, my issue with the media is that so many of them lacked the ability to report the news like it is and i’m not talking about just with this particular case but with many others. It’s like they forgot that the news is about telling facts and not powdering it with fiction or omitting details.

My other issue, is the extreme coverage of the trial. Why did they have to go to such an extent to be able to get such a cut and dry case taken care of? Yes, it is a cut and dry case. The two men raped the girl when she was passed out drunk. That is it. Yet so many measures had to be taken in order to get justice for the victim. Good on them for doing that but the fact that it had to be so dragged out in order for justice to be done is just a bit disheartening. If it were any normal rape case, which it really is, then the two guys would have been charged and sent right off to juvie before it even made the news.

Anyways people, you probably know more about the story than I do but I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on it. It’s fucked up that people on then net are threatening the girl. It’s fucked up that the news wont tell the straight up news anymore.  It’s fucked up that people who should be treated as criminal animals are painted out to be almost saints being sent to the depths of hell. Overall, im not entertained by this at all…

Keep me entertained, entertain me with your thoughts!

One thought on “Tell it like it is! Rape culture, the media and this weeks latest social network buzz.

  1. What are the parental backgrounds? The video mentions an absent alcoholic father but doesn’t provide any more details….

    Statistically speaking, absent fathers are the number one indicator for nearly all juvenile (and later adult) dysfunction – depression, poor grades, substance abuse, criminality, unwanted teen pregnancies, violence etc.

    So what causes absent fathers? Government policies cause absent fathers. Government welfare creates an incentive to get rid of fathers. Government courts can rule the father out of the life of their children overnight. Government wars result in dead fathers, injured fathers, fathers being sent thousands of miles away and PTSD’d fathers coming home to their families.

    Black crime levels are much higher than white crime levels in the US but if you take account of the number of absent fathers the level of crime is actually the same. It’s just that black communities tend to be poorer and so you have poverty + government policy = absent fathers = massive rise in crime and social dysfunction = more poverty and a depressed and dangerous place to live in. Throw in the insane war on drugs and you have the perfect storm.

    Government also controls education and to a large extent the media and entertainment industries. The Pentagon has a dedicated department for scripting Hollywood blockbuster military propaganda movies in return for free hire of military hardware (the ‘film liaison unit’). That’s why most Hollywood movies promote aggression, violence and idiocy.

    Sports is also a thinly veiled government program to train men to be paid assassins for the military. It has served that purpose for centuries ….. going all the way back to the playing fields of English schools. Rugby is basically WW1 trench warfare. American football is the same thing with body armour.

    These are just a few of the issues which could be discussed and explored in relation to this case (and other cases like it). But they won’t ever be because the media is controlled.

    So instead the whole thing will be packaged as entertainment. A good looking presenter will help us consume the emotions and drama of this event as we watch open mouthed and in a trance from our living room couches. The presenters will be careful not to say anything which might help us raise our level of awareness or stimulate critical thought.

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