Help Tabitha Paxton go to school! Support her work!

So I’m no advertising expert but I know that in order to sell something you usually need some kind of picture of the product being sold if you dont have the product itself. That being said, examine exhibit A.

Exhibit A

So why do you care about this girl? Is because she’s pretty? Is is because she’s smart? Que sera sera! The reason why you care about the lovely woman in the photograph is because she is Tabitha Paxton! A talented Makeup Artist who is looking to not only be recognized for her talents but is also looking to make her way back into school.

So what do you have to do with this? Simple! You need to support her campaign to raise funds by donating to her cause here! You also need to help her out by liking her Facebook page and spamming it with messages like ‘Poison from A-Soul sent me here’ and ‘Lionel is our master and he sent us here’ or something to that effect.

Anyways people, you can find her this year at Anime North and if I can convince her to come she’ll be near us at Fan Expo this year too. Overall,  her work is quality because if it wasn’t then we just wouldn’t share it here. Now that all the important points have been made…

Keep us entertained!

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