Anime North 2013!

Alright people, so welcome one and all to what may one day be the greatest site in the history of mankind!
It’s been a while but we’re back with the yearly update from our trip to Anime North. As many of you all know, we haven’t been nearly as active in the last year for various reasons but we’re getting back on track with everything and soon enough we’ll be throwing more posts in your direction than you know what the hell to do with.

Outside of that, we only went to Anime North for the Saturday this year instead of the entire weekend…Something that we regret but will rectify at this years Fan Expo in Toronto. That being said, we did try to get a few snapshots for you to look at and we even have a nice little video for you to entertain yourself with here. We also get a look at our very own Cronus, finally in video after all these years.

Now try to be good and most of all…

Keep us entertained!

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