Fan Expo 2013! Best one ever!!

Wassup people! I’m back again for my final con-season update before returning to school and maintaining radio silence. Yes, it’s unfortunate but that’s life people. 

First off, how have y’all been doing? Well enough we hope. I have been doing FANTASTIC! This weekend was a blast for me as I had friends come in with me for the event, like our own brother Ribo who rolled with me on both Friday and Saturday. I also made new friends who have both inspired and entertained me, big shout outs to the new homie Jonathan Ng over at ‘The Hall of Justice’ studio. Check them out, love the work 🙂

Next, you know we have the two things we promised you from this weekend, pictures and video. The videos will be up in another post once I finish editing all of it. Boy have I got some awesome shit for you people from this year. My favorite things from this year include my own footage of the ‘Warehouse 13‘ cast question and answer session, as well as, a wonderful and informative presentation about comic book laws and how to make sure that you don’t get screwed out of the rights to your own creative endeavors.  What more do you need!? Sketch duels? I have some of those. Art? I have lots of that. Videogames? Attractive people in attractive costumes? I have those in spades.

For now, you will have to settle with SOME of my pictures from Fan Expo and soon enough your picture will be uploaded. If you happen to see yourself or a friend on the page then please do make sure that they get informed that a creepy black man and his friends are sharing pictures of them on the internet.

Thanks! Keep us entertained!

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