Final Fantasy Fancy Me

Hey y’all, im back with yet another update for you.  Why so soon you ask? Because the page views exploded and I figure that if y’all are going to show me some love then why dont I show the rest of you some love with some art.

franSo this is my take on Fran from Final Fantasy XII. The challenge I issued to a fellow artist was to redesign her. Check out her FB page to see her approach to the redesign of Fran. I seriously didn’t expect her to indulge me with this but lo and behold she entertained me so I felt it was only right to return the favor.

While we’re on the subject of Final Fantasy…how do you guys feel about the newest upcoming addition to the final fantasy series- Lightning returns? Personally,I’m not  feeling too happy about it and after the recent fiasco with the whole ‘Lightning getting a boob job’ bit,it’s needless to say that I’m less than ecstatic.  Talk to me people…

Entertain me with your thoughts!

Keep us entertained!

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