Booze, Pancakes and the Return of A-Soul

Aww yeah bitches! We’re back and it’s for good this time.

So what have we been up to for the past year and change? We have photographic evidence of our escapades for those of you who are interested 🙂 Nothing NSFW sadly but these pics are pretty hot nonetheless.
Otherwise, we’re growing up now and moving on to bigger better things. Hell, we’re on our way to becoming a legitimate business and soon enough you all will get to see it. Still, thanks for all the support y’all have given us and we’re looking forward to keeping you entertained for a very long time to come. Now onto the article!

Ugh, getting back into writing is difficult since I have to summon the remains of my grammatical skill to the helm and make use of them once more. I used to think of writing as my mistress when it came to the arts while I am married to drawing. It seems like i’ve neglected my mistress for a long enough time so now she’s in need of a good sweet fucking in order to remind her of who the boss is. Hello babies, Poison Apple is back…

So earlier last month we kicked off October and our triumphant return from the hell of inactivity with an outing. The Booze and Pancakes art show took place at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on Friday October 3rd 2014. In my company were two of my post-graduate comrades, Jonathan Vaudry and our boy Ribo. We went for two simple reasons, the first being that they promised us booze and pancakes. I enjoy both of those things and usually you don’t get pancakes with the booze at art shows so it was easy enough for Ribo to convince me to come out and party. The second reason we showed up to this event was because there were amazing artists from all over what I assume is the GTA looking to show their work to people. It was pretty sick. Overall, the pictures speak for themselves.

There were some artists there who were so/so and there were other artists there who were balls off the walls amazing. Here are some of the names of the people I really liked. Lifopaint, Ben Bonnici and Jason Kan. There are others but their links wont work or their sites were non existent. Saddening really 😦

The venue was your pretty average looking night club scene converted into a gallery for the night and it was pretty damn packed. Vaudry and I only stayed for a short time after arriving since the whole party wasn’t exactly our scene once we were done looking at the art but it was packed before we left. The line to get pancakes was insanely long and my patience is absurdly short so we didn’t get any pancakes sadly.

The music was pretty tight in my opinion since they weren’t afraid to blast off with the old school hip-hop. Kudos to the Dj for bringing out a good set. Mind you, the crowd that shows up to an art show downtown Toronto promising booze and pancakes isn’t the type to want to listen to the current top 40. Hell, most of the people who listen to the top 40 are either brain dead in some way or not really listening anymore since they’ve lost all hope of it being anything less than shit.

Anyways, outside of going there for the all-you-can-eat Denny’s special and looking at art on a wall while drinking overpriced beer there was a good vibe there overall. The audience was friendly and people were generally quite cool. There was a good positive vibe everywhere that I liked and there was something to appreciate in all of the work shown there. I forgot to mention that outside of music and pancakes there was also live body painting going on and some artists were producing work live. Its one thing to see the work in its finished form but it’s so much better to be able to see the process of the artist and see how they go from concept to finished piece.

Overall, I had a positive experience there and the name of the show really tells you exactly what it is. There will be booze, pancakes and an art show. If you’re an art appreciator or an artist then I suggest you check out the next one thats happening in Toronto on April 24th, 2015. They also have open submissions for artists and it’s only $15 for each piece you want to put up in the show which is goddamn cheap for the amount of fun and exposure you get out of it. You can also sell your work there which means that you can make the $15 you spent on putting the piece up right back. They also dont take commission from the sale of your work so you can sell your piece for any price you want and take home ALL OF IT FOR YOURSELF

The link is here if you are interested in checking out one of the coolest events we’ve been to in a while.

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