Gundam Series Mobile Suits as Cars/Trucks!

How this post came about is a weird story; on the way back from lunch this week the members of A-Soul were discussing various Gundams, their respective series and various types of mobile suits and their characteristics when we started to compare them to vehicles, and the conversation was very debated on why a certain vehicle matched up with a certain mobile suit, thus I decided to give the audience a post on what started out as A-Soul vehicle banter. Some of pairs will have an explanation.

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The Life and Times of Whitney Houston….. Why do I care?

In all seriousness, have you ever heard they saying “There’s two sides to a coin”, if you haven’t now you’ve heard it. This saying can be applied to the late Whitney Houston, because as much as there was the great singer, the artist, the voice; there was also the person, the regular folk like one of us. Continue reading

Antagonists with a Perspective

I still have the opportunity to watch cartoons/anime and while watching some older material, I happened to ponder the question “What is this guy fighting for?” I got an answer, “it’s what he believes in, it’s that he has a different perspective than his enemy” however later on I pondered the same question on different material of the same genre and the answer I got this time was “He wants to take over the world” I then had to counter that answer with another question “Where have all the philosophically sound bad guys gone?” This question what pushed me to write this post. Continue reading

The Top Ten Most Fabulous Anime Characters

To get ready for AnimeNorth 2011, we bring an unprecedented post. This post is fabulous enough to be brought to you by Poison Apple, Lionel Heart and Cronus. In fact, this post is filled with so much fabulous that all three of us had to be sitting in the same room while this list was being compiled. (Major spoilers for some series are in this post. Read at your own discretion.) Continue reading

Remembrance Day Special

In an impromptu interview by an aspiring journalist I was asked why I wear the poppy and the significance of Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day for my neighbors South of the border) to me, I almost laughed at the audacity that someone had to actually ask me why I wear a red and black poppy, but after I heard his line of questioning I thought he had a legitimate reason to ask his original question. One of the questions he asked me was if I thought the younger generations of people are more disconnected from the understanding of what Remembrance Day is; I impartially responded that it comes down to the education system to educate these young people as to why we have Remembrance Day, why we have our freedoms. To be brutally honest the younger generations are more disconnected than the older generations because they haven’t been able to feel the immediate effect of what the veterans have done, we can only hope they understand; which brings me to the point of this post and the original question that prompted my interview: why I wear the poppy and the significance of Remembrance Day to me. Continue reading

Videogame War Heroes 2010

The definition stays the same; the cast of characters will change some people will be repeated from last year with good reason.

Number 10: Oerba Yun Fang(Final Fantasy XIII), Yeah I ragged on the whole cast of those characters but Fang did an amazing job with those jackasses to save the world and she was crystallized for a couple hundred years and she was still in great shape. I don’t think anything could help her move up from this spot. Continue reading

Immigration Inquisition

On August 13th history repeated itself… almost, a boat docked on the British Columbia Coast with 492 Tamil migrants (for all intents and purposes they shall be referred to as such for the rest of the post) aboard, after a four month journey and expected to be welcomed with open arms, that was not the case, and that was almost the right decision to make, except my democratically elected (minority) conservative government failed me and the rest of the Canadian population by detaining them and looking into who these people are. The correct decision to make was to send that boat back to the dock it came from and put the people back on that soil, if it happens to be Sri Lanka then they don’t have far to go to get home. This is far from what some readers will look at this and call it a ‘heartless and cruel’ choice, this is, and would have been, the best choice to make for many reasons. Continue reading