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Socially Aware Asshole

Of late people have become more socially aware. This is wonderful. People all around me are becoming aware of some of the injustices that we allow to carry on within our society on a daily basis. In our art, entertainment, politics and culture in general we’ve begun to audit ourselves in order to make sure that these injustices dont carry on. Too bad its also led to us becoming horribly afraid to go out and create art for the sake of self expression.

Now, I know im going to offend some people today but it was this post that made me just need to go off on some mother fuckers. I would like to direct your attention to the picture below.

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Final Fantasy Fancy Me

Hey y’all, im back with yet another update for you.  Why so soon you ask? Because the page views exploded and I figure that if y’all are going to show me some love then why dont I show the rest of you some love with some art. (more…)

Fan Expo 2013! Best one ever!!

Wassup people! I’m back again for my final con-season update before returning to school and maintaining radio silence. Yes, it’s unfortunate but that’s life people.  (more…)

Help Tabitha Paxton go to school! Support her work!

So I’m no advertising expert but I know that in order to sell something you usually need some kind of picture of the product being sold if you dont have the product itself. That being said, examine exhibit A. Read the rest of this entry

Something worth a read

Wassup people!
So it’s 9am where I am now and since most of you dont know me all too well I’ll inform you of the fact that I am absolutely not a morning person. Alas, I wont go into my morning woes and i’ll get right to the point of this article. The point of this is to inform you all of reading material some of us here (mostly myself) at A-Soul find worth reading. This isn’t a book review but an attempt to promote the works of authors we find interesting. This week we’re kicking off this new segment with a lovely little Korean manga or ‘Manwha’ that I have fallen in love with called ‘Girls of the Wilds’. Read the rest of this entry

Sexism in comic books and video games

Hello, I begged and pleaded with Poison in order for me to do this topic, and with much thought I decided to release this after he did his Comic Con, because I thought it to be fitting.

I will start with comic books, because I know comic books slightly better than I know video games, and specifically when I say comic books, I will mean the original American versions of comic books. Not saying that the other cultures do not have rampant raging sexism in their comic books (or manga, or whatever…), it is more so that I am more familiar with American pop culture and thus I shall be talking about American pop culture.

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An apology to all of you

As many of you have noticed in the past year my attention has shifted to focusing on art and improving my art. As such, the material we have delivered here has suffered a severe decrease in frequency. Needless to say that we have produced near nothing in the past year. I wish to apologize personally for that right now. On the other hand, I do wish to thank our lady Solstice for keeping the group alive with the occasional post. Everyone, a standing ovation for her hard work- Thank you.

It saddens me to think that this is the end of A-Soul and the entire operation we have built. It’s not the end. It’s far from the end. I wont be cliche and say something like ‘this is only the beginning’ and then leave the post at just that. I’m not that tasteless. I will say that I have a plan, I always have a plan and even if I’ve been silent for the past year you can be sure that I’m watching patiently and planning. I think it’s time to outline some of the plans I have for the future and let you all know whats going on in my corner of the world.  Read the rest of this entry

Updates on the new project

Alright people, so we apologize for being away for the past little bit but our crew is working hard to make sure that you all are being entertained. As ambitious a promise as it was to try to update everyday for the next month you can be sure that realistically we all have lives with paying jobs and such to maintain. Aside from the boring drivel about our personal lives I have come to you with an update on our new pet project and what will come of it. Read the rest of this entry

Please stop the music if you’re going to keep dancing…

Welcome to A-Soul, I’m Poison Apple here with you and I’m going to talk about dancing. I’m guessing that a lot of you who read this blog fit into one of two categories when it comes to dancing.

Category a) ‘I can’t dance’- You’re one of those people who go to a party and spend the entire night either on the side of the dance floor watching others make complete asses of themselves or you just don’t even try to put effort into dancing and barely move when you do get on the floor.

Category b)’ I only dance when I’m drunk’- You need a few too many drinks before you get the courage to get up and dance. At that point you’re too drunk to give a shit about what the hell is happening to realize how much of an ass you’re making out of yourself.

Finally…there’s the last category of people who we know out there for being the most fly, fuckable and fantastic on the dance floor. You all know that one friend who always has the latest and hottest dance move learned when it’s popular?  That person who everyone thinks looks really cool but the truth is that if you’re completely out of touch with what’s ‘hot’ right now they look like a complete ass to you. Well this post is about those people and all the dance moves I think are fucking obscene. Read the rest of this entry

March on to the beat!

Get it guys?! ‘March’ on to the beat because the month is March and the theme for this month is music! Yeah yeah…I know the pun was bad but fuck it if I care, it feels good to be back on the show floor again with you all. It’s time for yet another year of broken promises and dreams as well as possible ruptured organs here at Artist soul entertainment. I’m Poison Apple, founder and leader of this intelligent bunch. You can also refer to us as your future rulers or the new world order. Read the rest of this entry

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